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Emily's Etiquette Series: Meet the Parents

written by: Emily AlstonSo you read my last blog, met your husband online and now you’re about to meet his mom and dad. And you’re like, Emily - what do I do?? It’s scary, I know, but luckily I’m here to help.  Meeting the parents of your significant other can be quite an ordeal and anxiety is usually in full force. What do I wear? What do I address them as? Should I bring wine? Soooo many questions.  Let me ease your pain.  Here are my top Do’s and Don'ts when meeting your future in-laws:  The Dos: Do Greet Them in 3 Different Languages. Just do it. Impress them right off the bat. I like to give a good, “Hola, Bonjour,...

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Emily's Etiquette Series: Online Dating

written by: Emily Alston Hinge. Tinder. Bumble. POF, better known as Plenty of Fish. These are just a few of the online dating options we have in 2020. How lucky are we? We’re all just one click, one swipe away from our happily ever afters. Ah, love! It’s great.  But it can go wrong! And you can go wrong - online. Not to worry! I’m here to help as always.  Here are my top Do’s and Don’ts for you online daters. The Do’s: Do Use Your Best Selfies for Your ProfileYes, queen - pull out that lookbook and show those potential suitors why your AIM screen name was “VogueModel07” in middle school. Now is your one and only time...

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Emily's Etiquette Series: Happy Hour

written by: Emily Alston Knock, knock. Who’s there?  It’s me again, Emily. Here to give you top tier advice on everybody’s favorite activity: Happy Hour! So grab your clear crossbody purse, pour yourself a sex on the beach and let’s get started.  The Do’s:Do Pick the Perfect Spot Location is key. Does the place have good pricing? Does it have a good atmosphere? What about great attendance? Does the bar staff give a good pour? Are the people wearing trendy clear handbags? These are the questions one must ask themselves before deciding on a happy hour location, and all answers must be yes to enter.  Do Treat Your Barstool Neighbor to a BeverageHappy hour is all about the company. It’s not...

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