A Note from Margo, Our Founder

Margo Paige was founded to find solutions to fashion challenges I was experiencing in my own life - a need for a specific product (lookin’ at you, clear handbags - our flagship product!), a desire for sustainable and approachable closet staples, and to do my part to protect our planet and its people. At the time, I was not a product designer or fashion industry expert, but I knew what was important to me and wanted to reflect this in my brand. The deeper I dove into the fashion industry, the more I learned about some of the negative impacts of this world. I learned how genuinely important it is for us to make thoughtful purchases when it comes to fashion. Our fashion is a reflection of ourselves - our style and creativity, our ethics, and even the health of our homes and planet. As the founder of a fashion brand, I deeply appreciate the importance of creating sustainable and values-driven products and helping to reshape the industry that we’re a part of. 

My vision for Margo Paige is for our brand and products to feel approachable and livable, with sustainability as our foundation. Just like years ago when I created clear handbags because I needed one myself, I’m still thinking about products that I’d like to see in my own closet, while prioritizing values that I want to see in my own community. I’m seeking out timeless silhouettes and seasonless staples that flow with me from all of the activities I pack into my day. I love building a wardrobe full of multi-functional and seasonless pieces that encourage creativity and originality in my style. It’s fun to remember that I truly love fashion and coming up with new, original styles! I just don’t love what fast fashion has done to our planet and people, and I’m fortunate to be in a position to do something about it.

As I think about future evolutions of Margo Paige, I’m taking all of this in account - my hope is that I’m not the only one feeling this way, and that our community of customers are holding similar values and desires. I’m a fashion customer myself, and I’m tired of feeling overwhelmed by excess and waste, of being charged a premium for the word “sustainability,” and of low-quality, fast fashion products remaining an acceptable norm. I started Margo Paige to address needs in my own life and closet that didn’t exist on the market, and I’m proud to be growing a brand that tackles these issues of sustainability, accessibility, and holistic living through the lens of fashion. 

Margo Paige started as a clear handbag brand, and has grown to encompass a full line of seasonless, sustainable styles. As a brand, we’re committed to continuously evolving and challenging norms that don’t line up with the world we want to live in. In the spirit of the next chapter of Margo Paige, let me share a few things on my radar that get me excited: 

  • Extended Product Categories
    • Folks might look at us funny if we left the house wearing only a handbag… so we’re really proud to have introduced apparel product categories! Keeping the same ethos of timeless, seasonless styles made of sustainable materials, our apparel capsules should balance your style and your life - don’t call it a lifestyle?
  • Lower Impact, Innovative Materials 
    • As a fashion brand founder, I feel it’s my responsibility to constantly be scanning the market and looking for innovation in fashion that reduces our environmental impact while improving performance. I’m excited about our Cupro apparel line, supporting a circular and low-waste textile. I’m keeping an eye on innovative, alternative leathers with minimal environmental impact. We’re exploring circularity and promoting our product takeback program. These are exciting times for fashion textiles, and Margo Paige constantly recommits to utilizing the best materials on the market for sustainability and livability!
  • Pursuing Certifications 
    • In the spirit of our commitments to sustainability, ethics, and transparency, Margo Paige is prioritizing certifications to help us verify our impact. From our Global Recycled Standard materials, to our Higg Index-compliant manufacturers, to our consideration of a future B Corp Certification, we’re utilizing certifications as a tool to increase transparency and authenticity in our impact programs. 
  • Ever-Increasing Transparency 
    • Ever since the inception of our first clear handbag product, transparency has been at the core of Margo Paige - in more ways than one. Just like you can see through our handbags, we want our customers to have insight into our brand. We’re proud to publish new information on our materials, supply chain, and sustainability policies, and commit to updating our pages and policies as we evolve. 

I’m excited about the evolution of Margo Paige and the fashion industry around us, and I look forward to sharing our growth with our community and customers. In essence, I’m working to create a brand that I’d want to shop from myself. Join us in creating a brand that you’d want to shop from too - share your ideas, lifestyle, and feedback with us @shopmargopaige 

Clear Bags, Sustainable Closets, Can’t Lose? 

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