Our Materials

Our Design Ethos:
Margo Paige considers sustainability and livability in the design of all of our products. At the initial design stage, we consider how the product will be used - ranging from intense usage during travel or events, to casual usage on a day running errands. From design silhouettes, to trims, to style, we make sure our pieces are multi-functional and evolve with you as you move through your busy schedule. 

We also consider the environmental and social impact of our products early on in the design phase, which allows us to consider the product’s footprint before it’s even made. This way, we can choose lower impact materials, ethical manufacturers, appropriate packaging, and even consider the end of life of the product. 

From a style lens, Margo Paige designs pieces that are timeless. We strive to create products you can pull from your wardrobe or suitcase at any time and feel stylish and well-prepared for the activity ahead. By leaning away from fast fashion trends, we prioritize designs that will stand the test of time and give you that “effortless style” feel every time you wear them. 

We’re designing products that fit your holistic lifestyle, while also sustaining the people and planet around us. 

Our Material Philosophy: 
The Margo Paige Material Philosophy centers around reducing the amount of waste associated with creating new products. We primarily select certified recycled materials so that we’re not adding demand to the market for new materials, especially those that are fossil-fuel-based. 

We’re excited to be testing some new and innovative materials that prioritize circularity and waste reduction through closed-loop production processes, taking the sustainability of our materials a step further. 

Margo Paige also focuses our material selection around performance. A key element of a sustainable material is its ability to last. We select materials based on their livability, durability, and function so that the materials can keep up with your lifestyle. 

We believe that pairing lower-impact materials with high performance leads to a product that will treat you and the planet well for years to come. 

  • Materials

    Eco-Friendly 4-Way Stretch Twill

  • Sustainability

    This fabric is GRS (Global Recycled Standard) Certified by the Textile Exchange, ensuring that it didn’t create additional waste or demand for new fossil-fuel-based products.

  • Performance

    A combination of recycled polyester and spandex leads to a durable, flexible fabric (with water-resistant features) that gives you an athletic/comfortable feel, with a smooth and stylish finish.

  • Where to Find It

    Find this fabric in Margo Paige’s current apparel line here

  • Cupro

  • Cupro is a new and innovative textile created in Japan that utilizes a closed-loop production system, meaning waste created during the production process is reused in the production of additional products.

    Cupro itself is made from small cotton fibers, and is a byproduct from the typical use of cotton, preventing even more waste from being generated!

  • Cupro combines plant and synthetic fibers to create a silky feel with a durable finish. It’s a strong textile and will hold up over many wears and uses, across a range of activities, while still looking and feeling smooth and silky! 

  • Try our new Cupro line of apparel, January 2024 :)

  • Vegan, Recycled Leather

  • Our clear handbag line includes faux leather accents, made from certified recycled synthetic materials. Our vegan, recycled leather is made from 60%+ recycled materials, reducing demand for new fossil-fuel based products. 

    Our faux leather holds Global Recycled Standard certification, ensuring they come from transparent, trackable recycled sources!

  • By using a synthetic alternative to leather, our handbag collections hold up to daily wear and tear without compromising performance. 

  • Check out our flagship handbag products and their vegan leather accents!

  • Clear Vinyl

  • Our flagship clear handbags are made transparent through the use of high-quality Clear Vinyl, which holds great strength and durability qualities, making it a long-term investment and reducing the need for new similar items. Clear Vinyl has a high recyclability potential and Margo Paige offers a product takeback program to recycle this material at the end of its life. 

  • Clear Vinyl is known for being lightweight, transparent, flexible, and durable - all great qualities for a transparent handbag that moves with you through a variety of activities. It should stand the test of time and heavy usage, without losing its transparency - which is its key performance benefit for events that require clear bags.

  • Check out this material in our clear handbag collection.