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👋 We are a woman owned company that creates sustainable, multi-functional and fashionable pieces that allow your lifestyle and ethos to be aligned. Our aim is to help encourage small changes that make big impacts-starting with the type of products you place in your closet.
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At Margo Paige, we thrive on seasonless looks. With our first apparel... 

Clear Handbags

Meet the chicest sustainable (and responsible)clear handbags on the market. We've created... 

  • Label Check, Please.

    Yep, check your label. We read labels for nutrient facts, why not for clothing? Our pieces are GRS certified. Meaning everything from materials to supply chain addresses traceability, environment principles and social requirements through the GRS certification process.

  • Circular Economy

    We are a sustainably led company with a circular business model. What does that mean? We take recycled materials, turn them into awesome designs, then can repurpose or repair the product to restart the cycle. Kind of cool, right? We think so too.

  • Our Process

    We believe it is important to be cognizant of the philosophy and manufacturing process of the companies we purchase from. We want you to be confident that what you put on your body represents not only how you want to look, but what you believe in for the future of our planet.