Sustainable Closet for the Girl Next Door

For a wardrobe where you don’t have to choose between style, seasons, or sustainability: 
meet Margo Paige

Our purpose is to create seasonless, sustainable, livable styles that support our customers through all aspects of their lives. 

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Sustainability & Livability

The foundations of every Margo Paige product. We’re building a brand that balances our values with our lifestyles, while looking and feeling chic along the way. 

Explore Our Design + Materials Ethos

Design & Materials

From sourcing certified recycled materials, to funding circularity efforts, to designing for multifaceted, modern lifestyles, serious intention goes into each Margo Paige design. 

Learn About Our Community

Our Value Chain

You have to play nicely with others (and the planet) to sit at our table. Margo Paige suppliers are carefully vetted to ensure high ethical standards are never compromised.

Recycle Your Products!

Think Circular

We’re considering the end-of-life impact of our products, and offering a company-funded takeback program to recycle your Margo Paige goods after they’ve run their course (which shouldn’t be for a long, long time!). 

Dive Deeper

A Note From Margo

Learn more about what inspired Margo Paige’s commitment to sustainability and livability through the lens of style.