Our Value Chain

Our Manufacturing Ethos:
Margo Paige doesn’t just consider the sustainability and livability of our products, but also the sustainability and livability of our supply chain. We strive to build supply chain partners that prioritize environmental impact and eco-friendliness, while promoting high ethical standards in their workplace. We selectively work with suppliers that share this ethos, and are grateful for the partnership of those that help bring Margo Paige products to life. 

We also ensure our supply chain partners are experts in our product categories, so that the quality and performance of our products are top of mind along the way. 

In order to work with Margo Paige, our supply chain partners must: 

  • Be willing to work with low-impact materials, to a high standard of skill and craftsmanship
  • Hold expertise in the craftsmanship and design of our product categories (apparel and handbags) 
  • Demonstrate high standards of workplace ethics, including submitting to third-party social audits 
  • Prioritize sustainability in manufacturing processes, whether by reducing waste, water, emissions, packaging, or other factors
  • Value transparency, and be willing to provide insight into their processes and workplace 


At Margo Paige, transparency doesn’t just apply to our clear handbags. We’re proud to share insight into our supply chain and how Margo Paige products come to life.

Our Suppliers

Our Apparel Partner

Location: NYC, with global production facilities. Margo Paige products are created in NYC.

Sustainability: Our Apparel Partner, based in Brooklyn, has met high levels of social and environmental certification, and utilizes innovative sustainable fabrics, such as Cupro, to improve the sustainability of the products they create.

Ethics: Through US workplace regulation, in-person site visits, and past benchmarking against international social labor standards, our Apparel Partner has demonstrated a high level of performance when it comes to workplace ethics and practices.

Our Handbag Partner

Location: Based in the Guangdong Province of China, strategically positioned for efficient supply chain logistics and positive working conditions.

Sustainability: Our Handbag Partner is a high performer when it comes to sustainability, transparency, and reporting! 

They voluntarily submit to the Higg Index (a sustainable textiles measurement tool), and hold certifications for their eco-friendly materials used such as the Global Recycled Standards. 

They also have eliminated the use of harmful metals, use preferred leather or vegan leather textiles, eliminated the use of PVC, and other environmental improvements!

Ethics: Our Handbag Partner submits to independent social and labor audits that ensure positive workplace conditions are met. 

This partner submits to the SMETA Ethics Audit and the Higg Index Audit, which includes social welfare measurements. 

This partner also enforces internal compliance policies that cover ethics and sustainability within the workplace.

Our Design and Supply Chain Partner

Location: Austin, TX

Sustainability: Margo Paige partners with Alice James Global to help develop our supply chain and production processes in a socially conscious way. AJG are industry experts and help us prioritize certified recycled materials, regional manufacturers that reduce shipping miles, and more in our design and manufacturing process.

Ethics: AJG is a women-led, US based agency that works exclusively with certified socially compliant factories that value transparency, certifications, and small businesses. We’re proud to support each other’s missions of creating socially and environmentally responsible brands.

Our Sustainability Partner

Location: Boulder, CO

Sustainability: Margo Paige partners with Footprint Sustainability in order to ensure we are operating our business in the most environmentally friendly way, including prioritizing low impact materials, circular product take back programs, and documenting our progress.

Ethics: Margo Paige and Footprint partner to ensure MP’s supply chain meets high ethics standards and develop policies that promote the brand’s social welfare work.