Our Roots

You can get kicked out of a Texas football game for a lot of things, but not having a clear handbag is probably not the most obvious option. Yet somehow, that’s what happened to our founder, Margo, and from this experience, the idea for Margo Paige was born! 

Margo Paige was born out of a need for function - a clear handbag to attend sporting events, festivals, and concerts. But as a customer, when Margo looked into her options, she recalls feeling stuck between a fast-fashion option that she knew would fall apart quickly (and likely have terrible environmental and social impact) OR spend a few hundred dollars on a luxury handbag option. She couldn’t accept that those could be her only options, and Margo Paige was born to address this need. 

Fast forward to today, and the concept of a “sweet spot” brand that prioritizes function, sustainability, and transparency still remains - expanded to a full suite of apparel and handbags options. 

Get to know Margo Paige

Margo Paige designs and creates apparel and accessories for a sustainable, livable, seasonless closet. As busy women and customers ourselves, we understand firsthand that the way you buy your clothes and accessories, how they’re made, and how you use them are important pieces of a sustainable and holistic lifestyle. 

We live multi-faceted, interesting lives and carry our values with us in our work, families, travel, and free time. We want products that reflect these lifestyles and our values, and don’t feel we should have to choose between them. Margo Paige designs and creates products that we want to use ourselves, products that aren’t limited in function as we transition between football games, airports, family time, business meetings, and couch-days. 

In fashion, it sometimes feels like we have to make tough choices as customers. Do we want sustainability vs affordability? Stylish vs functional? Athletic vs formal? It feels like a narrative has been set up that we have to choose one or the other. This can lead to patterns of overconsumption, driving unnecessary waste in an industry that already doesn’t have the rosiest environmental impact (learn more about that here). It can also lead to communities of customers feeling out-priced from sustainability, as eco-friendly products can carry a premium. 

Margo Paige was born to break this narrative and find the sweet spot we’re all looking for - a balance of sustainable and livable style, at a price point that won’t break the bank. 

Learn more about our Founder’s take on building a sustainable, livable brand here.

The Q's to your A's

What do we mean by sustainability?

Sustainability is a broad term that can mean a lot of things. We take it literally - how can we sustain a business and a lifestyle without leaving a harmful impact behind us? As a fashion brand that creates products, Margo Paige acknowledges that there is an inherent impact in everything that we do. With that in mind, our goal is to reduce harm and increase positive impact in everything that we do - from the way that we manufacture products, to the way that we interact with our customers. 

Here are some of the ways that we’re thinking about sustainability from the lens of Margo Paige:

  • Product Standards - Margo Paige has developed a set of Product Standards that you can expect from any MP product you purchase. We keep our standards high and acknowledge there is always room to grow and improve. 
  • Materials - Margo Paige selectively chooses high-quality, eco-friendly materials that have a preferred environmental attribute, as well as high performance and durability qualities. We used environmentally certified materials, and test boundaries by bringing in innovative new fabrics that meet sustainable AND livable criteria. Learn more here. 
  • Manufacturing - Margo Paige believes that our supply chain partners should be held equal as important stakeholders in our brand, and we exclusively work with highly recommended suppliers that prioritize the ethics of their labor practices and their environmental impact. Learn more here. 
  • Slow Fashion - Margo Paige opts out of the current-day fast fashion industry. We prioritize timeless designs, patient new product development, and thoughtful manufacturing to minimize the negative impact that can come from wasteful fast fashion tendencies. 
  • Circularity - It’s not enough to create a product with eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing. Once a new product is created, it carries the risk of winding up in a landfill one day if we don’t consider its end-of-life ahead of time. Margo Paige partners with TerraCycle to run a product take-back program, offering our customers an opportunity to return their MP product at the end of its life to be recycled into something new. We use recycled materials to begin with, and offer recycling at end of life, with the goal of contributing to a truly circular supply chain. Learn more here. 

What do we mean by LIVABLE?

We tend to livehardthese days - constantly moving between work, social gatherings, high-intensity activities like concerts or exercise, and quiet time at home (when we’re lucky!). Margo Paige strives to create products that are comfortably and functionallylivableregardless of the activities of the day ahead of you, and that keep you looking timelessly stylish at the same time. 

At Margo Paige, Livability means: 

  • Timeless over Trends - In order to transition between multiple activities and intensities throughout your way, your wardrobe needs to be timeless and multifunctional, suitable for multiple occasions. By prioritizing timeless design silhouettes and not appeasing trends, your Margo Paige pieces will last a lifetime and look good the whole way.
  • Accessible - Livability means your fashion expenses need to be in line with your lifestyle and finances. Sustainable and high-performance fashion should not be a premium, and we work hard to balance an accessible pricepoint with quality and eco-friendliness. 
  • Longevity - similarly to how we want to create a brand that is sustainable long-term, the products must follow suit. Terms like “durability” can sometimes feel like a workwear category, when in fact, it just means creating a high-quality product that can stand the test of your busy days over time. From a design, manufacturing, and materials selection standpoint, Margo Paige products are built to last. 

What do we mean by SEASONLESS? 

Versatility - Our design silhouettes are multi-faceted - we create styles that could take you from business meetings to brunch to the airport. To reflect these designs, we carefully select materials that can hold up to a variety of activities. By creating multifunctional, versatile pieces, you can achieve both simplicity and sustainability in your wardrobe.

Evergreen - Evergreen designs stay “green” all year round - both from a style and a sustainability perspective. Margo Paige products are designed to simplify your style choices any time of the year. This encourages creativity in your style choices and supports you in reducing excess in your life - which can be draining on both you and the environment.