We’re On a Margo-Paige Mission

Our purpose is to create seasonless, sustainable, livable styles that support our customers through all aspects of their lives.

Margo Paige is on a mission to reshape the fashion industry by creating products that are based in sustainability, ethics, and transparency. We believe that fashion can be a force for good through reducing waste, promoting ethical supply chains, and supporting eco-friendly business practices. 

Ethos, Backed Up By Action: 

  • We create seasonless and multi-use styles with livable, durable fabrics that reduce the need for over-consumption. 
  • We prioritize second-life materials and support recycling infrastructure to promote a circular fashion economy. 
  • We exclusively partner with manufacturers in which humanity and ethics aren’t even a question.  
  • We center our customers’ lifestyle and ethos by providing sustainable, livable products that move with them through all aspects of their busy lives. 
  • We publish insights about our materials, supply chain, and sustainability policies to encourage transparency in our own brand and broader business community.


The World That Margo Paige Envisions: 

Margo Paige envisions a future in which authentic transparency is the standard in our lifestyles and the fashion industry. We envision our products inspiring customers to reduce waste, simplify their closets, and invite creativity back into their wardrobes. We envision a world in which you don’t have to choose between quality vs accessibility or style vs sustainability. 

We envision being a part of a circular fashion economy, in which products and materials are continuously reused and designed for longevity. We envision a fashion economy that collaborates instead of competes, and where small business and unique fashion are held in high esteem. We envision an industry in which ethics audits and sustainability incentives are no longer required - because this is the new normal for fashion. 

We’re envisioning and working to create a new narrative for fashion - one that is clean, simple, ethical, approachable, and livable.