Valentine’s Day

written by: Emily Alston

Can you feel it? The love in the air. I know, me neither...but apparently it’s out there. And wouldn’t you know, that very special day, where we get to actually celebrate the love they keep telling me about, is just right around the corner. February 14th you guys! I’m talking about Valentine’s Day. BAAAABABABAAA! (that’s a blow horn noise) - because it’s very exciting. 

If you’re at all familiar with me, which why wouldn’t you be by now... you know full well I like to come prepared to all situations in life and Valentine's Day is no exception. So take a walk with me will you, and let’s dive into my top Do’s and Don'ts for the day of love.

The Do’s:

Do Buy Yourself a Special Gift
Because you’re special, and you love you the most! 

Now what kind of gift, you ask? Easy. A Margo Paige clear handbag, duh! It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and your clear handbag will never let you down or forget your birthday. 

Do Eat All the Chocolate
Today is the day to eat the damn chocolate. Or cake. Or donuts. Or all of it girl! Yes, get it!! 

Eat that chocolate up and feel guilt free. And please, don’t just eat it in bed - take those sweet goodies on the road. Pop some bonbons in your clear crossbody and take your gorgeous self on a walk while you munch on your roadies. This day calls for everything extra and that means loads of Hershey’s in your handbag. 

Do Wear the Lingerie to Bed
Oooh sexy! I mean, you never put it on anyways, so here’s your chance. Even if you’re riding solo for the night, it will still make you feel like sweet desire and who doesn’t want that? 

The Don’ts:

Don’t Make Concrete Plans
One must be very flexible on Valentine’s Day, because let’s be honest, the day is chaos in a jar lined with honey. The only expectation you should have on this day is that you will be wearing your Margo Paige clear semi circle crossbody because that bag is always ready for anything, just like you!

Don’t Join Bumble as a Last Stitch Effort for a Date
And I don’t just mean Bumble; I’m talking ALL the online dating apps - stay off! You have a better chance of meeting your partner and falling in love at the gas station off IH-35 while filling your tank, than on a dating app on Valentine’s Day. Creeps can smell desperation 35 miles away and you poppin up on Tinder on the big V-day is like their lit runway home. Don’t fall victim to a creep. 

Don’t Watch the Movie 'Valentine's Day’
It’s a terrible movie. I don’t know why Ashton Kutcher and Julia Roberts subjected themselves to that script. You should do just about anything else instead of watch that movie. And that’s really all I have to say on the matter. 

Alright, alright, alright! That about wraps it up my lovebirds. 

As always, follow my lead and you're sure to have the most loving, satisfying and tantalizing;) Valentine’s Day. XOXO

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