Emily's Etiquette Series: Voting!

written by: Emily Alston

Hello angels - it’s me, Emily, with some very exciting news. It’s voting time here in America! 

Que song: Coming to America by Neil Diamond. 

Ahh, good ole democracy. And it got me thinking, do my Margo Paige fans know the proper protocols when voting? If that’s a no, hop on my train because we’ve got some formalities to discuss. 

Here are my top Do’s and Don’ts when voting:

Do Bring Your Photo ID 
One - you need it. Two - you look gorgeous in it so check that selfie out in line. Or let others check it out in your clear crossbody. I like to casually place mine on the visible side of my transparent bag. My photo is from 2011 and it is fire. If you didn’t know, you can renew your license online. And that means you can use your old photos. Catfishing? Maybe. But the law allowed it and life hit too hard after 2011.  

Do Know Who You’re Voting For Beforehand
No you did not. Did you really just walk up in here, to vote on our countries leaders, without doing your research...girl get out of here. This isn’t your Middle School scantron - it’s the United States of America. Study up and have a genuinely good idea of who/what you want for our country's future. 

Do Wear Your I Voted Sticker After You Sealed the Deal
You did it! Share it with the world and be proud. Some retail spaces and vendors even offer sweet deals to citizens who walk in with their “I Voted” sticker. Here in Austin, Tx, your girl can get a free slice of zaaa (pizza) from HomeSlice (both locations ;) if I show up with my “I Voted” sticker! You know I’m gonna do it. So be sure to check out your city for any perks you may get  - you’re bound to find a few!

The Don’ts:

Don’t Wear Your Campaign Swag
You are going to vote...you are making your declaration Judith. No one wants to see your favorite candidate in their face and that hat is not going to change their vote now. Take it off and wear your cute clear backpack instead. You’ll get way more compliments and less awkward eye contact. 

Don’t Take a Selfie with Your Ballot
I feel like this might be illegal? If not, it should be because that is outrageous behaviour. Calm down and take a selfie with your “I Voted” sticker instead. It will be a way better pic for your Instagram story. 

Don’t High Five People on the Way Out
Yes, you’ve just been so American you could scream with jubilation. But no one knows you or your team preference so keep your palms to yourself. It’s also 2020 and highfives are incredibly rude. 

That is that y’all. And a very special reminder: If you don’t want to face the crowds and are so not down for potential disease, like me, you can vote by mail this year! So if you need a little extra support with the whole thing, visit www.vote.org for more information. They have everything you need to know to make your voting experience as special as your Margo Paige bag.

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