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Emily's Etiquette Series: Backyard Barbeque

written by: Emily Alston Ribs, Burgers, Potatoes and Beans - that’s right y’all, I’m the Backyard Barbeque Queen! Sent here to save you from any and all mistakes you could possibly make at your next BBQ.  Now, you might be thinking, how many mistakes could you possibly make at an average family grill out. Well trust me, there are a few. But, I got you!  Let’s get started: The Do’s: Do Bring/Make Grandma’s Potato SaladQuite honestly, it’s just rude to deprive people of your grandmother’s cooking. And a backyard barbeque is one of the best places to share your Nana’s creations. Whether it’s your BBQ or your friend’s, I advise you make that delicious Miracle Whipped salad and share the...

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Emily's Etiquette Series: Dining Etiquette

Written by: Emily Alston At an early age, my father taught me how to conduct myself while fine dining. Etiquette such as knowing to order a bottle of ketchup for the entire table is not in our DNA. Proper behavior like that is a learned trait. He didn’t play games and I’m here to make sure you don’t either.  Now, the importance of requesting a bottle of squeezed tomatoes for your table is not lost on me, but it is quite advanced for fine dining beginners. So not to worry, we’ll start off simple - with more of a “beginners guide”.  Here are my Do’s and Don’ts: The Do’s: Do Be the Olivia Palermo of the CaféIt is key to...

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Emily's Etiquette Series: The First Date

First Date Etiquettewritten by: Emily Alston It’s your first date? Pretty nervous, huh? Well don’t be. You’re going on a date... and I’m over here jealous of you. But, if you’re still nervous, don’t worry! I’ve got some pretty hot tips I think will help settle those nerves.  So sit back, relax and let me tell you the do’s and don’ts of a first date.  The Do’s:Give Yourself a Pep Talk Precisely 10 Min Before - This is crucial. And it needs to be done in front of a mirror. Preferably a standing mirror to get the full effect.  Don on your date night outfit - which I can only assume includes your on trend Margo Paige clear clutch purse,...

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