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Sustainable Packaging at Margo Paige

                                       Written by: Footprint Sustainability At Margo Paige, we work hard to implement sustainable principles into every element of our products. From thoughtful design, to eco-friendly materials selections, to manufacturing practices, our goal is to integrate sustainability into our handbags and products in all phases. But, if this thoughtfully and sustainably crafted handbag arrives in a bunch of plastic and excess waste - then what’s the point? We asked ourselves the same question!In Fall 2021, Margo Paige introduced a new packaging strategy and partner to help us reduce waste and consumption of virgin packaging materials. We are working with EcoEnclose to design...

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Introducing: The Margo Paige “Re-Purse Program”

                                      Written by: Footprint Sustainability      To participate, please scroll down to the bottom of the page to fill out our form.You may have seen that Margo Paige has been going through some changes as a brand recently! 2021 brought change to all of our lives in more ways than one, but while the world was shifting around us, we decided to hone in on our core values at Margo Paige. We spent 2021 taking a deep dive into our impact as a company, and set goals to operate as sustainably as possible.One of the core ways that we’ve decided to...

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