Sustainable Packaging at Margo Paige

                                       Written by: Footprint Sustainability

At Margo Paige, we work hard to implement sustainable principles into every element of our products. From thoughtful design, to eco-friendly materials selections, to manufacturing practices, our goal is to integrate sustainability into our handbags and products in all phases. But, if this thoughtfully and sustainably crafted handbag arrives in a bunch of plastic and excess waste - then what’s the point? We asked ourselves the same question!

In Fall 2021, Margo Paige introduced a new packaging strategy and partner to help us reduce waste and consumption of virgin packaging materials. We are working with EcoEnclose to design a custom packaging strategy specific to Margo Paige products. EncEnclose is a sustainable and eco-friendly packaging supplier that envisions a world in which materials are endlessly recyclable and reusable. EcoEnclose works to support the advancement of sustainability in the ecommerce industry by providing low or zero waste custom packaging solutions to brands that want to lessen their negative impact on the environment.

EcoEnclose states that of the 4.5 lbs of waste that Americans produce daily, 30% of this is packaging waste. Margo Paige is proud to partner with EcoEnclose to reduce this waste generation through our new custom packaging!

Margo Paige packaging is made from custom corrugated cardboard made from 100% recycled content and 95% post consumer waste. This means that we did not add any demand for virgin paper materials or deforestation, and the majority of our packaging content was already used by a consumer in another format before it became a Margo Paige box. This element of circularity and reuse is fitting with our sustainability ethos of reducing waste and supporting the circular economy.

Margo Paige’s new product packaging is curbside recyclable, meaning, no specialized recycling systems are needed to break down and reuse this material. Curbside recyclability was important to us in our packaging selections, so that avoiding the landfill was easy and accessible for our customers. Margo Paige packaging materials are also compostable, although recycling is the preferred method of disposal. Our packaging is also Made in the USA, resulting in lower transportation and shipping miles for the materials. Check out our new sustainable and low-waste packaging in your next Margo Paige order!

Check out EcoEnclose’s website for more information on their sustainable packaging ethos.

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