Items To Get Rid of This Summer

We believe that at the start of every season, it is essential to review what's in your closet. Here are 12 items to donate or recycle this summer:

1. Worn-out or damaged swimwear: Discard swimsuits that have lost their shape, have fading colors, or are torn beyond repair.

2. Faded or stained t-shirts: Let go of t-shirts that are heavily faded, stained, or have holes that cannot be repaired.

3. Ill-fitting or uncomfortable sandals: If you have sandals that don't fit properly or are uncomfortable to wear, it's time to say goodbye.

4. Outdated shorts: Remove shorts that are no longer in style or no longer fit you well. Opt for a seasonless pair like ours for future wear :)

5. Fussy or uncomfortable sundresses: If you have sundresses that you rarely wear due to discomfort or inconvenience, it's best to make space for something more comfortable.

6. Shrunken or stretched-out tank tops: Tank tops that have lost their original shape or are too stretched out should be discarded.

7. Faded or damaged hats: Hats that have faded due to sun exposure or are damaged beyond repair should be cleared out.

8. Old and worn-out flip-flops: Flip-flops that have seen better days and are falling apart need to be replaced or recycled of.

9. Outdated or ill-fitting swim cover-ups: If your swim cover-ups are outdated, no longer fit properly, or don't make you feel confident, it's time to let them go!

10. Stained or damaged beach towels: Toss beach towels that are heavily stained, torn, or have irreparable damage. (We suggest keeping some and repurposing for cleaning!)

11. Uncomfortable or worn-out summer pajamas: Say goodbye to summer pajamas that are uncomfortable or worn out beyond repair.

12. Faded or stretched-out crop tops: Crop tops that have faded colors or are stretched out beyond repair should be replaced with better-fitting options.

Remember, when getting rid of these items, consider donating or recycling them whenever possible to minimize waste. Check out Terracycle for recycling options!

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