Elevate Your Game Day Look with Fashionable Dresses and Bags!

One would think game day is about the game itself. Yet, all fashionistas know there is no better time to display their thoroughly designed stylizations to a broad audience.

You'll want to feel comfortable regardless of which sporting event you plan to attend. Also, depending on whether the happening takes place outdoors or inside, you’ll need to figure out how to keep yourself snug regarding temperature. 

Clear bags are popular fashion items that prove that trendy and practical can go hand in hand. It was in 2013 when the NFL implemented a safety-oriented bag policy, limiting the bags allowed into the stadium to one transparent 12" by 6" by 12" bag per capita. See-through bags benefit stadium safety. This invention makes everything you take inside the crowded area visible. Transparent bags also make security checks much less of an issue time-wise. After the introduction of the new policies by the NFL in 2013, various other stadiums, theatres, and sports and music venues updated their guidelines. 

Many places introduced clear handbag requirements at once; one thing led to another, and before we knew it, these fancy accessories became a widespread fashion must-have. They broke through the pure practicality of stadiums and landed on the first pages of fashion magazines soon after. In 2018, see-through bags became Chanel's flagship accessory, followed by several high-end fashion brands. The article below tackles combining trendy dresses with clear crossbody bags. We’ve got you covered! You’ll not only stand out with your exquisite fashion tastes but also respect stadium bag policies like a pro.

Clear handbags

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Why would anyone crave to look fashionable on a game day? Isn't it the time to lay back and avoid worrying about anything else than a game, attire included? The thing is, making your apparel light up the room on a game day makes a difference. Choose your fashion items wisely to enhance team spirit, cheer your team, and encourage fellow supporters. This way, you not only look good but also show that you care! Your thoroughly arranged outfit can create a sense of belonging and express respect. So, show you honor the team and the people you spend time with by mastering a fashion ensemble that can't be overlooked.

Wearing your team's jersey or/and colors is a game day's most straightforward fashion pick. While doing so provides an enjoyable sense of belonging, such a no-sweat option won’t be enough for a snappy dresser, who would instead put time and effort into developing elaborate alternatives for the most common looks. We tackle taking your fashion game to the next level in the paragraphs below.

Game Day Fashion
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The Game Day Fashion Essentials

Game day is meant to be pleasurable and entertaining, as should your outfit. When you head to the stadium to spend leisure time with your family or friends, the last thing you want is to be busy keeping an eye on your clothing; adjusting your mini-skirt or checking if your cleavage doesn't overshow when reaching out for drinks can knock down every party. So, next to looking fancy, remember that comfort is the name of the game.

The good news is, if you're looking for comfortable fashion options between $50 and $100, Margo Paige has a delightful selection of outfits. Be sporty and chic — the brand reinvents athleisure clothing by directing it towards a feminine elegance. Their apparel is made of recycled materials, and slow-fashion philosophy is the brand's forefront mission. These sweat-wicking pieces ensure a satisfactory experience throughout the year; also when the weather heats up. Comfortable, elegant, and seasonless, these outfits elevate your closet affordably.

Make sure that you get to know 

  • Wide Leg Faux Cuff Shorts
  • Cowl Neck Cami
  • Mock Neck Shoulder Zip Dress 
  • Long Tie Wrap Dress
    Margo Long Tie Wrap Dress
    Source: Margo Long Tie Wrap Dress

      Wide Leg Faux Cuff Shorts and Cowl Neck Cami

      Margo Paige's black or olive Wide Leg Faux Cuff Shorts fit every silhouette and are versatile enough to be worn every season except for the coldest winter days. Put on your comfy shorts all year, from spring through summer to fall. Sustainable fashion freaks will be delighted to discover that these shorts are made with recycled, eco-friendly materials (91% recycled polyester, 9% spandex), which effortlessly handle sweat marks or spilled drinks — so bring that sweat on whenever you feel like it, girl! Don't these clothes already sound like the best option for a game-day experience? Keep reading to discover more!

      Margo Paige Cowl Neck Cami
      Source: Margo Paige Cowl Neck Cami

      Shorts are great, but what would you do without a matching top or sweater? Pair your Wide Leg Faux Cuff Shorts with a flowing black or olive Cowl Neck Cami for a top-notch, laid-back, comfortable look. This effortless and stylish ensemble is a reasonable-price must-have for every occasion, not only sports events. If Margo Paige's shorts fit every occasion, their Cowl Neck Cami is number one in the versatility department. Designed for everyday wear, with adjustable straps and vents, this flowy top makes every woman feel gorgeous. Just let this delightful piece of clothing cascade onto your body like the softest summer wind. 

      Margo Paige Cowl Neck Cami Dress Back
      Source: Margo Paige Cowl Neck Cami Dress
      Wear your Cowl Neck Cami the whole year by tucking it in the Wide Leg Faux Cuff Shorts or keeping it loose and flowy. You can couple this top with a skirt or jeans. By pairing your Margo Paige shorts and top set with a clear bag, you create a look ideally suited for sports events or concerts. A black or taupe Clear Fringe Crossbody is a see-through accessory designed to finely spice up even the most basic outfit while keeping it clean and classy. Clear Fringe Crossbody clear handbag is designed by women using eco-friendly materials, such as recycled PVC. Lovely faux detailing added to these bags promotes animal welfare as opposed to harming any animals for the production of this bag.
      Margo Paige Clear Fringe Cross Body
      Source: Margo Paige Clear Fringe Cross Body

      Mock Neck Shoulder Zip Dress

      Have we mentioned how crucial it is to keep your sports event outfits both pretty and undemanding in maintenance? Forget the shortcomings of your stylization; keep your eye on the ball! To make sure your outfit looks exactly how it should at all times, pick a superb one-piece dress by a proven brand, such as a Mock Neck Shoulder Zip Dress by Margo Paige. It comes in two color options, black and olive, providing a seasonless, sporty, modern vibe to every stylization. This day-to-night look is an effortless one-piece ensemble that can be paired with sneakers, sandals, or any other of your favorite pair of boots (namely, ANY). 
      Not only does the shoulder zip feature make changing the look of this dress quick and easy, but it also smoothens the experience of putting it on. The unique ability to transition from a daywear piece to an exquisite evening attire is one of the most prominent benefits of this dress. You have just found the most practical outfit to keep in your wardrobe throughout the year.

      Margo Paige Cut Out Crossbody
      Source: Margo Paige Cut Out Crossbody
      Margo Paige's taupe clear bag Cut Out Crossbody is the cherry on top of this trendy stylization. Similarly to other see-through pieces proposed by this brand, it's sustainably designed with eco-friendly materials, such as recycled PVC, which reduces demand for virgin fossil fuel-based materials and consumption. At the same time, it doesn't sacrifice the performance benefits of the material. The bag is produced with GRS-certified materials only. This elegant accessory is a crème de la crème among clear bags. It's not only fabulously posh and seasonless but also incredibly practical. The 11" x 3.9" x 9.8" Cut Out Crossbody complies with most venues and stadiums.

      Long Tie Wrap Dress

      Who doesn't fall in love with dresses that favor their silhouette? Don't look far to find a piece that brings out the best in you — Margo Paige's Long Tie Wrap Dress is a black or olive delight for every fashion enthusiast devoted to keeping their stylizations simple. This easygoing wrap dress is a modern, versatile choice that lets you explore three different ways to tie it. Thanks to this exceptional characteristic, you can instantly transform your look. Need a last-minute touch to a pair of jeans and a cami? Your Long Tie Wrap Dress will add the laid-back sensation of an open long cardigan to your outfit. There are no limits regarding the number of options this unique piece brings to the table. 
      Margo Paige Long Tie Wrap Dress
      Source: Margo Paige Long Tie Wrap Dress
      The timeless elegance of this dress provides a stable foundation for a daytime gathering and an evening meet-up with friends. Excellent for work and entertainment, this apparel will be your best friend for the stadium or a concert. As long as this simple, seasonless dress flatters your silhouette impeccably, there is not much left to desire. Wear it with a tightly-tied belt or in a fully relaxed hanging-down manner. Whatever you choose, you'll be surprised how skillfully it enhances your most admirable qualities.  
      As a happy ending to the Long Tie Wrap Dress story, there is a Semi-Circle Crossbody. This black, captivating, see-through bag is the ideal accessory to elevate this dress's sophistication masterfully. Margo Paige's clear bags are produced with GRS-certified materials. The Semi-Circle Crossbody contains 40% Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester (RM0189) and 60% Polyurethane (RM0210), entirely artificial renewable and degradable properties PVC.


      Margo Semi Circle Crossbody Clear Handbag
      Source: Margo Semi Circle Crossbody Clear Handbag

      Staying Fashionable within Stadium Bag Policies

      According to the 2023 NFL regulations, the only bags allowed in stadiums are "bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC" — notices Tim Chan from Variety. The league's Clear Bag Policy limits the size of the bag to 12″ x 6″ x 12″. This decision set the standard for most venues where people gather for entertainment, such as sports, music, film, etc.

      Why is it so crucial to adhere to stadium bag policies? Why should fashionistas be the ones to care? For starters, truth be told, you don't have other options. Bringing in a bag that's not see-through, exceeds the required size, or is made of materials that aren't allowed to the stadium will result in you not participating in the event, even if you pulled off your all-time best outfit. Secondly, it's about feeling collectively safe and setting an example. Every large gathering will be more secure if we bring our clear bags and stop complicating what could otherwise be smooth sailing if everyone adhered to the well-thought-of regulations.
      After considering the stadium guidelines, every fashionista will want to make sure these imposed rules don't stand in their way to keep their look splendid. Following the venue bag policies is one thing, but pay attention to the comfort and practicality of your chosen clear bag. Margo Paige's Clear Fringe Crossbody, Cut Out Crossbody, and Semi-Circle Crossbody are fashionable accessories compliant with strict stadium policies, which also comply with your need to feel stunning.

      Stadium Approved Clear Bag

      Source: Variety.com

      Accessorizing for the Game Day Look

      It's no secret that footwear can establish the feel of the entire appearance. Depending on whether you pick boots, high heels, or sneakers, the whole stylization transforms, and footwear sets an entirely different atmosphere for your look. Yet, regardless of how much you want to bring your fascinating, fresh-from-the-store pair of high heels to the stadium, don't. Unless you're a master high-heel wearer who seems born in them. Then, please don't listen to us and do the usual. 

      Baseball Game Dress
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      Parallel to setting a style for the entire outfit and being a one-of-a-kind fashion accessory, shoes are made to cover your feet and make them feel comfortable. During a packed event, such as a game or concert, shoes are crucial — they ensure you won't be stomped on and can stand still or move around for hours. We can't underline enough how vital it is to match your shoes to the event in terms of the expected need for comfort.  
      Wear this in Baseball Game Day
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      Sunglasses used to be a summer accessory, but these times are long gone. An all-year-round pair of sunglasses, sometimes worn indoors or at night, is a fashion statement. This personal style item protects your eyes from the sun (or rather, harmful UV rays), wind, and dust in the air, so bringing them to the outdoor stadium is a terrific idea. Polarized, non-polarized, anti-glare — everyone will find something inspiring for themselves.
      Wear this in NFL Game Day
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      Your stadium look doesn't have to be sweet. Look at this baseball game day outfit published in In Style. As advised by Samantha Sutton and Drew Elovitz: "[...] trade any stiff bottoms for something spandex, be it biker shorts or leggings. Flaunt your stretchy waistband by way of a cropped team tee, or throw on a matching sports bra and wear an open jersey over top." A smart black baseball cap complements the look flawlessly. 
      Margo Paige Cut Out Crossbody Clear Handbag
      Source: Margo Page Cut Out Crossbody

      Clear bags, starting as a necessity for stadiums and other large gatherings, as time passed and appetite for them in the fashion world developed, became a statement piece for the entire outfit. Just as in the case of sunglasses, see-thought bags are, in significant part, a practical accessory. You need a clear bag of a specific size for the event, so why not make it a visually exciting experience? Chic MargoPaige bags bring to the table all a modern woman desires: style, comfort, practicality, and an eco-friendly philosophy. Margo Paige creates sustainable, multi-functional, and fashionable products that align with your lifestyle and ethos. The brand's flagship crossbody clear bags combine elegance with practicality to elevate your style effortlessly. 

      Putting It All Together: Game Day Outfit Inspirations

      If you still need to figure out how to match your Margo Paige apparel with clear handbags, let's review our most cherished pairs. The Mock Neck Shoulder Zip Dress goes along perfectly with a taupe clear bag Cut Out Crossbody. This combination ensures you're the most comfortable and stylish, putting in the least effort. The look is smooth, toned down in terms of colors, and secretly sophisticated.

      Margo Paige The Mock Neck Shoulder Zip DressMargo Paige clear bag Cut Out Crossbody

      Source: Margo Paige 

      Another precious option is a black or olive Long Tie Wrap Dress paired with a black Semi-Circle Crossbody. This combination is just as classy but comes with an extra dash of spice. The bag is somewhere between modern and futuristic and breaks conventions thanks to its playful design. The unique three-tying option of this dress that flatters every silhouette invites you to embrace change every day.

      Margo Paige Long Tie Wrap DressMargo Semi Circle Crossbody Margo Paige

       Source: Margo Paige

      Top Game Day Fashion Tips

      Margo Paige puts versatility and comfort among the most vital features of their apparel. No wonder you can wear many pieces of the brand's clothing throughout the whole year. These clothes are sweat-wicking, so heavy summer sweating becomes less of an issue. Speaking of weather conditions, being informed about the weather forecast for an upcoming game day is crucial for choosing the right outfit. The good news is all Margo Paige clear bags are waterproof. Elegant, practical, affordable, and water resistant? Is there anything left to desire?


      Trendy Transparent Handbag
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      Having prepared outfits and accessories that elevate your closet affordably, let's zero your bank account with an over-the-top hairstyle and makeup! Football games require standing up and sitting back, so besides a comfy pair of sneakers, ensure your hair is cozy — whether in a fancy ponytail or swinging loose — when you jump enthusiastically to your team's rising score. Wearing your hair down is seasonless, so learn to play it right, and you are on your way to work out a style that fits every outfit. Opt for leggings with a hoodie or joggers and a turtleneck to complete a loose hairstyle and natural makeup.
      Dress for Football Game Day
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      Expressing your devotion to the team with clothing is one of the most admirable and exciting ways to enhance team spirit. Make sure to take it further, though. Whether a game day or not, creatives are meant to express themselves creatively; skipping this part of your colorful personality would be a huge pity! 
      Margo Paige reinvents athleisure clothing, embellishing it with a sophisticated, feminine elegance. Elevate your game-day style with the brand's fashionable, timeless apparel and clear bags designed to turn you into a posh player. 
      Sports events aren't the only times that call for a strong fashion statement. You can stand out daily by paying attention to every element of your clothing and following a few basic styling rules. Now that you know the game, are you ready to play? Set and style your game-day outfits to glow at the upcoming event!
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