What Can I Bring Into an NFL Game?

Regulations for fans at NFL games have been evolving over the last few years, leaving many wondering,”What can I bring into an NFL game?” One item we know is a must, is a clear handbag, in case you need one, ahem, we’ve got you covered here. Let’s review as attendees what we can bring into an NFL game to make the best of our weekend night. 

Animals. Yes, animals are allowed in the stadium. However, they must be a service animal or a service animal in training. Unfortunately, untrained Murphy will have to wait it out at home with his chew toys for the evening. If you do have a service animal, we suggest reaching out to Guest Services to let them know you’re attending with a service animal for additional assistance in making your experience seamless. Be sure to checkout the stadium you’ll be attending for more specifics!

Banners. Everyone loves a good banner. The NFL allows banners into games with a few guidelines: they must be hand-held, event related and in good taste. Be sure to size down so Kevin three rows behind you isn’t throwing popcorn to put the sign down. Obstructed views aren’t fun, make it enjoyable for everyone with an appropriate size (and words). 

Bottles. The NFL is friendly with bottles and containers that are medical or child related. The Budweiser bottle will need to be recycled before entering and for those who are always packing lunch, Mom’s spaghetti will have to be eaten at the tailgate. If you are a parent or someone who has a medical condition, be sure to find the specific gate at the stadium, security will be helpful in letting you with a breeze.

Binoculars. Yep, grab those binoculars from your Grandparents last bird watching trip to see the game in binocular HD status. For those sitting in the upper deck, we suggest strapping those binoculars around your neck, you don’t want to lose them. The guy below will be too smashed to care if they land in his fries after a touchdown. And let’s be honest, no one likes it when the screen goes out at the game.

Cameras. Why buy a framed photo of your favorite player from Fanatics when you can take your own high definition picture? Be sure to leave the lighting at home. The worst would be blinding Patrick Mahomes from throwing a Hail Mary all because the lighting was glaring into his eyes. We promise, the natural light will work just fine. If you’re worried, take a crash course on the camera before entry and leave the long lens at home, you can leave the front page pictures to ESPN.

Clear Handbags. This isn’t just a plug for Margo Paige, it is a requirement and what’s allowed in. You’ll need to leave the cute designer bag on the bench for the rest of the season. All NFL games allow clear handbags that are 12”x12”6” or smaller into the stadium. The bags must be literally clear with no patterns or adornments to them. Carrying a clear handbag is not only cool, but a safety precaution that everyone should take when entering into a large event. For the official breakdown of the clear bags, you can review the NFL clear bag policy here

Smart phones. Not only do these bad boys take great pictures, but can also make a phone call. You’ll want to coordinate with your friend in section 17A to meet up for a halftime Chick-fil-A bite, so don’t leave it at the tailgate. Don’t get great service in the game? Setup a meeting time and put it in your notes, just in case you’ve had that extra beverage.

When asking yourself, “What can I bring into an NFL stadium?” Remember that it’s just a game and you most likely won’t need too many items. If you’re in need of an item, they most likely have it at the stadium. Food? Check. Drinks? Check. Rain gear? Check. 

Lastly, always, ALWAYS, check the stadium that you will be attending. Rules are subject to change. While we pride ourselves on keeping up with the NFL, individual stadiums do change based on security and event needs. We’ve created a sports guide that you can check out here for some extra information. We hope you have the time of your life at the next NFL game, be sure to always ask “What can I bring into an NFL stadium?” before leaving the house.

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