Emily's Etiquette Series: The Nail Salon

written by: Emily Alston

I’m back and I’m bloated. But the good news is my nails are done. Can you say the same? About your nails... No? Well then it’s time to go to the salon sweetie. 

But before you book that appointment, let’s go over some of the unwritten rules and regulations of a classic salon that you must know. 

Here are the top Do’s and Don’ts:

The Do’s:

Do Pick Your Nail Color Ahead of Time
Nothing is worse than standing in front of a spinning display of nail polish for more than 2 minutes. Seriously...people start to think you’re plotting a murder. So I suggest you know the shade of pink you’re wanting before you enter the salon. Or even better - pack your own nail polish in your clear crossbody and bring it in for the professional. That way, when you undoubtedly scuff your buff, you can easily touch up. 

Do Bring a Premade Cocktail
I don’t trust anyone who can sit still for an hour without a beverage. Who are you? And how can I escape you? It is imperative to wet your whistle every hour so make it fun and put some tequila in that tumbler. You’ll definitely enjoy the foot scrub way more with a little buzz. 

Do Eat CBD Gummies Beforehand
I need you to relax and so does the nail technician. Stiff hands cannot be had at a nail appointment so CBD will definitely help you release the tension. I like to pack 2 CBD gummies in my clear backpack and take them about 30 min before I enter the establishment. That way once I’ve been appointed to my massage chair the chemicals have immersed into my brain and I’m officially out of commission until the job is done. 

The Don'ts:

Don’t Bring in Your To-Go Taco
What an absolute mess Janet! How in tarnations are you supposed to get your fingernails to perfection when you’re snacking on a bean and cheese? Get real and go to La Fajita down the street if you need a meal. You came to get polished, not to dine. Remember what you’re there for and save the burrito for later. 

Don’t Make a Phone Call to Mom
Manicurists really hate chitter chatter, but a phone Moe?! That’s an “ooh no”. Trust me y’all. This one time I thought it’d be a good idea to answer a quick call from my dear brother, and let me tell you! I received the biggest death stare from all patrons in the salon, which sent me packing to Switzerland. Keep that cell in your clear bag

Don’t Leave a Bad Tip
A human being just did manual labor on your cracked, unkempt feet. Give them what they deserve - money. And cold hard cash at that. So be sure to pack a couple extra 10s and 20s in your transparent handbag for after checkout. It’s always nice to hand it to your technician personally with a big smile. 

And there you have it. Do things the right way, my friends, or don’t do them at all. Am I right? 

Oh, and in case you’re wondering...my top 3 favorite nail colors for Fall 2020 are deep teal, burgundy and sand. Now go get your nails done my Margo Paige fans!

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