Clear Handbags for Your Outfits in 2020

Handbags are the best accessories and enhance your style quotient. Finding one that suits your style and taste is a tough one, but once you find it, it becomes your best one for life! If you find yourself scrolling through handbag shops online or on Instagram, but not quite finding the ultimate handbag for your new year, new me look, then consider clear handbags.

Clear handbags make a bold statement about your style, and it provides practical convenience too! No more digging opaque layers of material for extended periods of time to find the item you’re after. Clear bags can come in any form, and it is not solely confined to shopping or clutch transparent bags. 

Clear bags now come in the form of a clear stadium bag, which is growing in popularity amongst many sportswomen. After a game or a workout, you’d want to locate your items fairly quick, without much fuss shuffling things around. Hence, a clear stadium purse not only makes a fashion statement in the sports arena, but provides practice use. Sports lovers also have a reason to switch over to the clear side. The NFL recently announced the ban of all types of bags, backpacks or purses more than the size of 4.5” x 6.5”. This ban to reduce size of all non-transparent bags is applied to all professional football stadiums. Clear plastic stadium bags, clear handbags and clear crossbody bags aren’t restricted by this measure, and they can surpass the size restrictions placed on opaque bags. All the more reason to get a clear bag for that NFL game you got tickets for! 

With the season of sports coming around, clear handbag has become a necessity and the responsibility is on us to follow the rules. No matter what sporting event you are attending, for security reasons, you need to carry a clear bag for the stadium.

Be it a clear crossbody bag or a clear fanny pack, there are hundreds of styles available today in the catalogue of clear bags for women. You can choose anything from a clear crossbody purse to a clear designer bag to carry your belongings.

Let’s take a look at the few popular ones in different categories.

The transparent backpack can be your dream backpack. The faux trimming and PVC base make you feel comfortable while you are carrying it. The durable PVC material can easily carry your cell phone, wallet, water bottle, and a sweater. The amount of space that is provided in this clear backpack can keep you going from morning to night with all your belongings. For NFL fans, this backpack is a stadium approved bag so you need not worry about gaining access to the stadium. 

The clear backpack comes with a utility pouch as well, easing the transport and storage of precious belongings. The clear backpack is recommended for backpackers travelling to safe countries or countries they are familiar with, where they want to make a fashion statement while carrying all the backpacking essentials. Now, there’s a new way to travel in 2020 with the transparent backpack!

The clear and transparent fanny pack is one of the most popular stadium bags that people carry to the stadium. The hands-free operation of the fanny pack makes it more popular among both young and older generation users. The durable fanny pack can easily carry your regular stuff like cell phone, wallet, lip gloss, mint boxes, etc. The recyclable PVC and faux leather material make it durable and the metal chains add a sophisticated look to the transparent fanny pack. This is ideal for those going to festivals, as its convenient way to store essentials and locate them!

This versatile transparent tote bag is your companion for every occasion – whether you are set for a 9 to 5 look or preparing for a weekend bash or planning to go to watch a football match. This trendsetter of 2020 is just the perfect one for you. The tote bag comes with a pop-in pouch that can hold some of your small personal items. This stylish tote is made up of durable and recycled PVC material with faux leather trimmings. The 5’’ metal ring gives it a stylish look, too!

The clear stadium purse is an important item that you need to have on your list if you are a sports lover. The classy-looking see-through purse is made out of durable PVC base material, and the faux trimming gives it a classy look. The small and handy transparent purse will carry a lot of your personal items and you won’t have to struggle digging through each item to find the one you’re looking for. This purse is the best fit when you are going to a party where you don’t want to carry a tote bag.

Here you it, the best clear bag ideas for your outfits in 2020. All these transparent bags give you a complimentary look to match with your classy outfit. For those following the NFL, you know that game day generally comes with a dress code and rules for belongings. In situations where there has been a rule passed for a security reason, it becomes your responsibility to follow the rule and carry transparent bags that are approved by the professional sports stadiums. Flaunt your classy sexy looks complemented by these gorgeous transparent bags. If you are looking to change your old handbags, it’s recommended to go with the transparent bags that are becoming the style statement of today’s generation!

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