Product Standards

We Have Standards

From our design and materials to our manufacturing and sourcing, you can trust that Margo Paige products uphold these standards for sustainability, livability, and ethics. 

  • Designed For Sustainable, Seasonless Style
    • We’re constantly juggling work, social lives, events, traveling, and more. You don’t only do one thing - why should your wardrobe? Our user-centered design approach creates pieces that transition with you from one activity to the next. This thoughtful design incorporates sustainability principles by selecting materials and design elements that reduce your need for multiple products. 
  • Versatile Design
    • Creating less demand for more products by designing multi-function into our products. Less waste, more versatility - what’s not to love?
  • Authentically Transparent 
    • From our flagship clear handbags (taking transparency literally), to our manufacturing processes, we invite our customers to see into our value chain so they can trust where and how their products are getting to them. 
  • Made To Live In
    • We do not offer fast fashion products. Thoughtful design, careful material selection, and quality construction result in a product that will last you a lifetime. Margo Paige products can take wear and tear without suffering - you should be able to live unedited with our products! The durability of our products reduces waste and demand for new products. 
  • Timeless, not Trendy
    • Our design principles and material selections result in silhouettes that will stand the test of time. Our products transcend trends and allow you to too. Why is timeless sustainable? For the same reasons that multi-functional and durable products are: less need for new products, less waste, and a trusted long lasting product. 
  • Made from Sustainable Materials
    • We carefully select and source materials with a friendlier environmental impact, such as our closed-loop production Cupro or our certified recycled polyester. Our goal is to reduce demand for fossil fuel derived materials and promote a better end-of-life impact for our products.  
  • Made from Hands You Can Trust
    • Our supply chain partners are the reason that we can offer you a sustainable and high-quality product! We hold our partners in extremely high-esteem and carefully select partners that meet our ethical standards.