Message From the Founder

I started Margo Paige to serve as a solution to moral challenges I was facing in my own life. I’ve always loved handbags and fashion, but the industry itself had conflicts with my personal values. Looking around, I would see so many people and brands living in fashion excess - constantly supplying and demanding new bags, clothes, and more. On top of the industry’s waste, it felt like there was always a story in the news about poor labor practices and environmental pollution coming out of the fashion world. After digging in to learn more, here’s what I learned in a nutshell:
  • Studies show that consumers bought 60% more
    garments in 2014 than they did in 2000.
  • Studies show that 85% of textiles produced in the
    fashion industry end up in the landfill each year.
  • The fashion industry contributes nearly 10% of global
    annual greenhouse gas emissions, and is the second
    largest consumer of water as an industry.
As you can see, terms like waste, excess, and negative environmental impact are nearly synonymous with fashion these days, particularly fast fashion.
I watched other industries that I cared about - like the food industry and events industry - start to clean up their act. Organics and Fair Trade products were becoming a norm on supermarket shelves. Football games and concerts were implementing zero-waste policies and offering attendees reusable options to reduce waste. Inspiring stuff! However, while there were a few industry leaders trying to move the fashion industry in the same direction, it wasn’t happening at the pace and the participation rates that we needed to meet the social and environmental challenges of our day.
I decided I could contribute to the solution by building a handbag brand centered around a sustainability ethos. To me, this meant creating pieces that served multiple purposes and fit a lifestyle similar to my own. Pieces like a clear handbag that both allow you into events with ease, while transitioning to brunch or nightlife just as easily. Multifunctional pieces are designed not only around these lifestyle uses, but also a lifestyle ethos of less waste, slow fashion, and timeless design.
Both the worlds of sustainability and event bag guidelines are complex but our mission is simple. Margo Paige creates sustainable, multi-functional, and fashionable products that allow your lifestyle and your ethos to be aligned.
- Margo