About Us


My name is Margo and I've been in love with handbags since the day I could sit up. Carrying a great looking handbag has always been something that I felt helped complete my wardrobe. In 2017, I was attending a college football game when I discovered I was not able to take in my purse. I had to leave everything at the door. I decided to take my love for handbags and creativity into my own hands.

Fast forward to Fall 2019, and we have Margo Paige. I get it, showing your belongings is not ideal, but clear bags are here to stay. I have set out on a mission to provide fashion forward handbags that are modern and sophisticated. My goal is to create bags that you would like to carry regardless of if it was the policy for public venues. We have designed the bags out of durable recycled PVC so your purchase will last the test of time as opposed to bags you can buy on the spot, which deteriorate easily, lose shape and you do not want to carry unless you are forced.

I wanted to create bags that I thought were being underserved. Currently, your choices are super cheap bags with cheap construction that only serve one purpose or high end clear bags that cost over $200. By design, we are in the middle of those two while being constructed just as well as higher end options.

These bags are designed to be more than just your stadium or venue bag. These bags will not only allow you to skip the bag search lines at venues, but give you a sense of confidence. How can clear bags create confidence? It is simple, just be you and let others see in. I think you might be surprised how just being your unedited self is truly the best.