Why Every Fashionista Needs A Clear Handbag In Their Collection

                                             Written by: Jed Nugal

A little black dress, a pair of high-rise jeans, and a comfortable pair of Chelsea boots—these are pieces every fashionista should have. Add a clear handbag into the mix, and your essentials are complete.

Why see through handbags? They’re practical, versatile, and super stylish. Though they’ve been trending for a few years, we don’t see them ever going out of style—that’s like saying a nice blouse, blazer, and dark jean combo will somehow fall out of favor within the fashion community. Some things are just classic!

But if you need more convincing, we’ll explain how clear handbags for women are a superstar fashion accessory. By the end of this article, we hope you’ll agree that every fashionista needs one in their collection.

Clear handbags are versatile

We may be biased here, but this is one of our most compelling points in defense of clear bags! Think of all the outfits you can pair with one. Hint: it’s all of them.

There are different styles available from crossbody bags to wristlets to tote bags, but, in general, every type can be worn with all outfits. Your dressy, but not too dressy girls’ night dress, your go-to smart casual attire for work, and your comfy, but photo-ready music festival outfit—all pair nicely with a see through bag.

Outfit ideas that incorporate your clear accessory

Modern, fresh, and curious, we love the look of a clear bag or purse. Take a look at these ways to put the spotlight on your clear handbag.

Show off your cute wallet or phone case

A clear bag is also referred to as a naked bag. And what a fitting description! There’s nowhere to hide items, so it’s your chance to display a stylish wallet or phone case that’s usually hidden away in your purse.


Make a statement with an all-black outfit

An all-black color scheme is always in style. It’s sleek, sexy, and confidence-boosting. While your outfit may lack color, you can make a big fashion statement with an eye-catching clear crossbody bag. One with thoughtful embellishments like metallic chains, colorful straps, or fringes pull will add some visual intrigue to your getup.

Color-coordinate your top and clear bag

If your clear bag has hints of color in the straps and zippers, you could match it with the rest of your outfit.

Keep it casual, but elegant with a clear backpack

While handbags are super cute, sometimes you want to keep your hands free for activities like walking or wine tasting. Instead of a sporty backpack or drawstring bag, a clear plastic backpack like this one elevates your outfit, keeping you from looking too casual.

Clear handbags are trending (and have been!) in both everyday and high fashion

Clear handbags and purses have been around since the 1960s with popular styles like the clear box handbag, mesh shoulder bag, and acrylic clutch. And they’ve been in use ever since!

Their popularity may fluctuate in competition with every trending new thing in the fashion world, but they’re a staple, much like a nice cashmere sweater or a white button-down shirt.

In the past few years, several fashion houses introduced designer clear purses into their collections:

  • Chanel
  • Celine
  • Off-White
  • Prada
  • Maison Margiela
  • Valentino

While luxury brands aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, it says something about clear handbags when major designers are incorporating them into their collections and runway shows.

Clear handbags are practical and functional

Clear handbags are useful in many situations, including attending game days or going to work.

Made of durable materials

Made of tough, yet often flexible plastics or plastic blends, clear handbags are the definition of durable and practical. Some plastics are more prone to scuffing than others, but any cosmetic imperfection will be barely visible on a transparent bag. Unlike leather, which needs conditioning, or faux leather that’s impossible to repair, clear plastic material isn’t delicate.

No need to worry about scuffing up your bag when you’re out living life!

Easy to clean

Plus, a clear purse is much easier to clean than a cloth-lined tote or an animal leather handbag. Most transparent materials only require a damp or wet cloth to keep clean.

What’s more, liquid messes won’t ruin a transparent bag. The contents of your purse may be in trouble, but the clear bag itself should not mold, discolor, or crack.

Comply with the clear handbag policy

One of the most common reasons why people purchase clear bags is the clear handbag policies enforced by many sports venues, concert stadiums, and some schools. The see-through material makes it easy for security staff to quickly scan what’s inside, making entrance lines go quicker and smoother.

This also increases safety at crowded events and schools, helping prevent people from bringing in banned items like lighters, vapes, and weapons.

Helps you organize and find items more quickly

Alongside valuables, most of us throw everything we think we need into our bags: moisturizer, lip balm, pen, extra hair ties, mint, gums, sanitary products, a snack, hairbrush, compact mirror, and mascara tube.

Frankly, it’s easy to pack anything and everything when you have a regular tote no one can see inside of. With a clear purse, you’re more deliberate with what you bring outside.

You can easily see what you need from your bag, so you also waste less time digging through your things when you need to reapply sunscreen or touch up your lip color.

Clear handbags are animal-friendly with many sustainable options

If you’re an ethical fashion lover that tries to live without animal products such as leather, a plastic handbag may be the best option. For instance, Margo Paige handbags are made of recycled PVC with faux detailing, which aligns with pro-animal welfare values.

While not all plastic handbags are made of recycled plastic, they are still a more ethical and sustainable option than bags with animal products.

How to choose the best clear handbag for you

For a more detailed buying guide, check out our blog post on top clear handbags for every occasion.


If you need a clear purse for a stadium event, it must be 12” x 6” x 12” or smaller. This means many duffels, beach totes, and backpacks won’t be accepted.

For reference, this clear cross body bag is 11” x 3.9” x 9.8” inches and is compliant with most venues and stadiums.

Cut out clear crossbody


Your bag’s material determines its durability, look, and sustainability. Clear purses and bags are either made of PV, TPU, or PU. Some brands use recycled plastics to help reduce environmental impact. Additionally, others use animal-friendly embellishments like faux leather, faux fur, and non-animal glue.

Style and purpose

Your needs will determine the type of bag that’s best for you.

Clear fringe crossbody

  • Cross body bag: All-around versatile choice
  • Clutch: Best for more formal occasions like dinner dates
  • Backpack: Best for outdoor music festivals and activities with lots of walking
  • Tote/bucket bag: Best for all-day events and day trips (e.g. beach trip, game day, picnic)

Clear handbags prove themselves to be a wardrobe staple

From your favorite music bar to that rustic winery three hours away to the out-of-state music festival you’re attending next month, a clear handbag comes in handy. Not to mention for work and other everyday places you have to be like the grocery store.

Able to match any outfit, easy to clean, and made of strong, lasting materials, clear plastic purses, crossbody bags, and backpacks are some of the best accessories a fashionista should have in their closet. The exact type and size depend on your need, but the best thing is there are so many clear handbags online to choose from!

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