Which Christmas Shopper Are You?

written by: Emily Alston

Hey there Margo Paige fans! It’s your good friend Emily - here with something special. And by special, I mean Christmas. Who doesn’t love a Christmas episode, am I right? Especially in July! 

In all honesty, there is truly no better time than now to build some Christmas shopper awareness. One must be prepared for the holidays and it is very important each of us understands the gift givers we may run into this coming season.  

So buckle up and allow me to enlighten you on the various types of Christmas Shoppers.  

The Early Bird
This shopper is always shopping. They are 24/7 looking online, looking through store windows and will most certainly find the perfect clear semi circle bag for all their loved ones well before you even start thinking about putting away your Halloween decor. They love shopping and they love Christmas. They will most definitely be relaxing come December since they found their gifts in August. 

The Procrastinator 
Ah, the opposite of our good old Early Bird. This shopper can be found on December 24th - frantic. They really did mean to get their gifts ahead of time but you know how it is. They’ve become talented in making decisions under pressure. And sure they either spend too much money or have to resort to poor gifting choices, but that’s all in the name of the game. 

The Traditionalist
You know this one - it’s that Uncle Bob or Aunt Carol that always knows you need a new pair of socks every year. There are no surprises here - they’ll head to Macy’s on Wednesday at noon, just like every other year, and will pick out another pair of stockings to match your eyes. You got to love them. 

The Self-Giver
There is no shame in this shopper’s game. They know what’s up, and they are what’s up. That’s right - they didn’t get anything for you, but they got that clear crossbody for themselves and this is what matters. They are all about the treat yourself mentality. The “put the mask on yourself first before helping another” kind of human, and we must respect this. 

The Shipping First Shopper
Online is their middle name and fast, free shipping is their game. They’ve had an Amazon account since 2009 and you can bet your bottom dollar USPS will be stopping by their best friend’s home this Christmas. 

Hot Tip for this shopper: Margo Paige does SAME DAY shipping if your order comes in before 5pm CST Monday-Friday! Hop on that, you savvy gifter. 

The Regifter
Candles are big for this shopper. But who doesn’t like a candle? Okay, clearly they don’t because they got that candle 2 weeks ago from their “best friend” Jess and now it’s yours. But, it’s the thought that counts, right? 

The Black Friday Shopper 
This shopper gets all their shopping done in one day. Impressive, I know. There is no messing around here. Thanksgiving, for them, is just a dinner to fuel up for the 24 hour marathon that starts right after the dishes are done. You can usually spot a Black Friday Shopper outside of a Best Buy on Nov. 27th. - it’s a real hot spot. 

The More the Better
They just couldn’t stop. One gift isn’t enough - it’s all about abundance for them. You can expect this shopper to buy you the clear cut out crossbody you always wanted, along with those shoes you had been eyeing, that dress you tried on last week and concert tickets for both of you in February. I think it’s love they’re chasing but don’t quote me on that one. 

That’s my list and I’m sticking to it. 

But you know what, just do yourself a favor and be a Margo Paige Shopper this Christmas because you already know the holidays aren’t the holidays until you’ve got an MP clear handbag!

Merry Christmas Everyone ;)

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