Thrifting 101 with A Tribe Called Dom

We asked our friend, Dom, who is based in Austin to share her tips on running her Depop store - A Tribe Called Dom and how to thrift successfully. 

 A Tribe Called Dom

Written by: A Tribe Called Dom

Inspiration for today's styles can always be traced back to a different era, and I think that's why I find beauty in thrifting. It’s easy to get lost in what everyone has or what they're wearing, but the main thing you’ll learn from thrifting is that fashion repeats! Anything you buy at department stores, I promise, you can find thrifting... and for half the price! The joy I get from thrifting is being able to go to a thrift store and find something that no one has, and turning it into something everyone wants. Every outfit has its own story and being able to make that story shine, is why I do what I do!

At the age of 13, my aunt changed my life forever and introduced me to thrifting. She is and will forever be, the thrift queen! I remember going on countless thrift trips with her and looking through piles and piles of clothes to find the coolest gems. It was always a special moment watching her pick the coolest pieces and giving it a little 70s twist. She’s always been inspired by the 70s and you can see that in every outfit she wears. As I got older and developed my own sense of style, I started realizing ways to make the old look new! It’s always been a creative challenge for me, but that’s something I’ve always loved about thrifting.

The summer of 2018, I was introduced to Depop. It would be a way for me to incorporate the three things I love: shopping, styling, and money! Depop allows me to thrift, style and resell unique pieces. Like a wise woman once said: “one man's trash is another man’s treasure.” Starting my own Depop and selling clothes has been a great way for me to get involved with my community and collaborate with local artists, like Margo Paige. Selling clothes online has also opened the door for me to be able to sell in person as well. Since opening my Depop shop, I started doing pop up events here in Austin. I find joy in interacting with people and helping style my collection in person during these events.

I would thrift every single day if I could but, I know thrifting isn't for everyone. I put together a few tips and tricks to help first-time thrifters or people who want to give thrifting a second chance. Hopefully these tips will help anyone out there on their thrift journey!

A tribe called Dom thrift tips:

  1. Create a mood board:get inspired by making a mood board. It’s a great way to realize what your style truly is and prepare you for your thrift trip. You can do this online, my favorite site is Pinterest. Don’t be afraid to check out stores you already frequent in person for inspiration too.

  2. Make a list of things you need:by doing this it holds you a little bit more accountable, and hopefully helps you not to get too distracted and buy things you don’t actually need.

  3. Don’t sleep on the men’s section:the men’s section is the first place I go to when I enter a thrift store. Let me tell you something, men’s jeans, T-shirt’s, and flannel racks are ALWAYS a hit!

  4. Forget size:It’s easy to rework or restyle something that’s too big and make it work.

  1. Always support local thrift stores:local thrift stores can cost a little bit more money but these are stores that people took their time to curate. This is nice for people who don’t want to spend hours browsing in thrift stores. These stores are curated by people who love thrifting, so they pretty much did all the hard work for you.

  2. Check for deals:call some local thrift stores in your area and see if they have any deals at the moment or if they have a loyalty program, this can determine what days you visit! Also don’t be afraid to ask what days they’re bringing out new inventory. Some thrift stores only change their inventory once a month.

Please check out my depop and Instagram for some gems: you can find me at @atribecalleddom on all social media platforms, and please don’t hesitate to email me for any business inquires at

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