The Bag Ladies: Utility Pouch

Need the inside scoop on our crossbody, wristlet or utility pouch? Emily & Alyssa, two of MP’s closest friends, hilariously review each bag with details, where to wear and much more.

Utility Pouch

We created our utility pouch for privacy and yes, utility. When the launch of the clear handbag policy came into play, it sent many women into a spiral of disappointment. How will this look cute? What about my privacy? What about personal items that need to be concealed? We felt the same way, but knew like all things, something great could come of the change.

Our utility pouch was created to be used for concealment of personal items, sunglasses, snacks, chapstick, or really, whatever you would like to use it for. Emily likes to refer to it as the “Mary Poppins Pouch” because of the amount of items someone can place in at one time. This pouch not only keeps a clear purse organized but still compliant with bag regulations across the globe.

Durability and quality are a must when it comes to a product. We designed our utility pouch with high quality neoprene and a snap button to protect items from slipping out. Neoprene is a terrific fabric as it prevents damages from abrasions, sun and liquids. It’s easy to clean too-care for it like a delicate piece of clothing with warm water and mild soap. If it’s dirty from a spill, the fabric can always be soaked overnight. 

On top of our utility pouch, we have a few handbags that come with pop-in pouches for those who like the idea of clear purses but need extra reassurance for privacy. Our clear totes, the round tote and clear tote both come with pop-in pouches. The pop-in pouch is great during the week for your 9-5 and errands. Our pouches are lined with waterproof material in the event something spills-it’s an easy clean. We love the versatility of the clear totes for when the weekend rolls around. Pop out the pouch to use as a clutch for date night or a pouch for travel. If you have a festival, concert, or sporting event use the clear tote as is! It’s compliant by all NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA & other venues. Be sure to check your specific event as bag policies are subject to change. We created a few guides that you can view here!

With clear handbags, sacrifice of style or privacy doesn’t have to happen. We created all of our bags in the mindset that they can be taken to sports, festivals and everything in between. Trends go out but style stays forever. Our stylish clear bags come with a utility pouch, so you’ll never lose privacy. For those who want to be discreet or secretly like to pack extra, it’s the perfect solution. 

Key Points from the Bag Ladies:
- Cute & cool
- You can hide things for your date
- Never be embarrassed with a clear bag
- Can hold: sunglasses, moisture stick, earbuds, tampons
Holds all your secret
- Comes with every bag!

Model Stats:
- Comprised of neoprene
- 6.5H x 3W

Our utility pouch is included with every purchase.

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