The Bag Ladies: Clear Wristlet

Need the inside scoop on our crossbody, wristlet or utility pouch? Emily & Alyssa, two of MP’s closest friends, hilariously review each bag with details, where to wear and much more.

Clear Wristlet

From our Out & About Collection, we adore our clear wristlet. The ring itself is 5” in diameter making it great for a night out. Place on your wrist, it will adjust to your forearm making you handsfree for meeting new people and holding a beverage. 

During the week, we like to use the clear wristlet as our wallet. Pair with our clear backpack or one of our totes. It will also look great with your favorite day to day bag. This wristlet fits the needs of cards, chapstick, smaller iphones and earbuds. 

Once the weekend hits, the focus is the outfit and the wristlet becomes a timeless accessory. If you’re like MP, you’ll love the wristlet for the sheer reason you’ll be able to use your hands more to talk and of course, hold that glass of wine. If you’re headed to a concert or sporting event, the security guards will appreciate how light you packed and having a small clear wristlet.

Outfit Ideas
- Work:
Floral print PJ set (perfect for a transition to a new season) layer with a jacket
Concert: Boyfriend jeans that might be torn, crop top, boots
Sports: Sweater stitched with team logo, dark denim and booties
Weekend: Midi front button down dress with strappy sandals or heels

Key Points from the Bag Ladies:
Out & about--hot mess approved!
- Practical
- An accessory to any outfit
- The zipper is a fun detail
- Only need cards, key & phone

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