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Emily's Etiquette Series: Football Games

written by: Emily Alston It’s that time of year my dears. When the fall air is as crisp as your organic seaweed chips. When the smell of pumpkin spice and mulled wine fill the air. When the wool sweaters come out of hiding and when the pigskin flys.  Yes, it is the season of football.  It’s time for the boys to strap on their helmets and for us to pull out our pom poms to cheer on their impending concussions. It’s certainly a time to be alive.  One must be prepared in this season, and certainly before entering a stadium to enjoy the American pastime of football, so again I’m here to help. Here are my top Do’s and Don’ts...

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Cleaning a Clear Purse

  One of the reasons we love recycled PVC for a clear purse is it's easier to clean and it has less bacteria. Yes, bacteria is more prevalent on a leather handbag! We wanted to help with a few care tips for your clear handbag to make you feel good & clean. To clean your clear crossbody bag, you’ll need a microfiber or soft cloth. Microfibers are fantastic for cleaning transparent handbags for a few reasons. First, it helps reduce the amount of products being used. Forget the cleaning agents and paper towels you buy monthly at Target. This cloth is something that can be used over & over again-think for your computer, phone, mirrors, dusting, tables, counters, and of...

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How We Started Margo Paige

Welcome to the arena of Margo Paige! We wanted to give you a glimpse into our company and mission to create a better world for clear handbags.We started the company in the fall of 2017 after attending a college football game. We were shocked to know before going to the game that the stadium had eliminated handbags and required all bags to be clear-not to mention a specific size. While at the game, observing what the market was, we decided that there was room to grow in an underserved industry. We started designing an array of bags to see if they would be viable to stand the test of style time and quality. Launching in late 2019, we had found our...

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