Fall Styling: Our Clear Round Tote

We like small totes, round totes, & big totes. We don’t discriminate against any totes because they are a staple for every closet-no matter the size, we love them all. We would also say it’s ok to have a few-they all serve different purposes. One of our favorite totes is our clear round tote. Let’s take a deep dive into the workings of the clear tote and outfits to wear this Fall that will compliment a clear handbag.

We’ve said this a few times, but we will mention it again-clear bags are here to stay. Clear handbags and clear purses are the future for sports, concerts, festivals and any major event. They allow security to be a breeze and lines short, keeping everyone happy. Clear handbags don’t have to be atrocious, we think ours are quite brilliant. They radiate style, quality, and functionality. Every woman needs an  investment bag and we think a clear tote bag should be one of them, especially if you find yourself frequenting events. Buy better, wear longer. 

When you buy a Margo Paige clear tote or any clear purse from us, you know you will be receiving quality. We created these clear bags with durability to last years to come without sacrificing style. Most bags found on other retailers are made inexpensively and priced that way-often breaking or tearing at the first wear. Ours do not. In fact, if our clear bag breaks or tears during the first year of wear, we will replace-no strings attached, we believe in our handbags. We’ve determined you don’t have to buy multiple bags or spend $200 on a clear bag, when you’ll receive the same quality from us. We promise, it’s worth the investment.

Once you have bought your clear round tote, let’s talk about styling the clear bag for the Fall season. 

Work. Our clear round tote is the perfect addition to any outfit since it’s a polished looking handbag. Still trending and always a favorite is the simplicity of a lounge set that is upgraded for an office. Our favorite is the RESA from Revolve. This will look great with a fun animal print low heel that shows off a polished, fun look for the office. 

Concerts. Edgy meets sophistication is the look we are going for with the clear round tote. Black cropped pants with a flare, band tee (always a solid choice), and a black moto jacket for when the temperature cools. Our favorite band tees are from Daydreamer LA. We like this pair of simple black denim or these Levi straight cropped combined with black strappy heels & a clear tote-you’ll be a concert babe!

Sports. For gameday, our clear round tote is perfect for the fashionista. We love the look of dark, crisp denim, and vintage stitched sweater from your favorite sports team. We love this vintage sweater that we found on Etsy. Combine with over the knee boots, you’ll be the most stylish one at the tailgate.

Weekend. When we ponder the weekend-books, picnics, brunch & errands come to mind. All of these activities need a simple outfit with a nod to sophistication. We love the idea of wearing a “nap dress” a dress that is comfortable enough to yes, take a nap or be lounging in a park. Target does a great one that you can find here & Daily Sleeper, one of the originals with a hefty price point can be seen here. The simplicity of a nap dress is one that will never go out of style. The dress is perfect for a warm Fall day to be paired with sneakers, booties or even sandals. Wear with a denim or leather jacket over the shoulders if the weather is cooler. The nap dress combined with the clear tote is an excellent choice for any weekend activity.

Our clear round tote, is one of the best small to medium sized totes on the market. Take the pouch out for concerts, sporting events, festivals and large events that have a bag policy in place. If you need to look up your venue, we’ve done the research for you, check out the info here. Use the pouch as a crossbody for errands, night out or travel. You can leave the pouch in to conceal any items during the week.

We hope you love a clear tote as much as we do. Be sure to tag us in your posts @margo_paige. 

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