written by: A Tribe Called Dom

Your outfit is FIRE, your face is beat to the gods and now, THE BAG! We all know this decision could make or break an outfit. Here are my top 3 rules for choosing the right bag for your outfit and event. 

Since Covid, we all know having date nights are now almost nonexistent, but today I’ve had the pleasure of attending a casual lunch date. I wore a beautiful oversized silhouette cream dress with a high neck, and a defined bottom hem for added shape. I paired it with an oversized vintage blazer, with a brown silk snakeskin print and fiery red booties, but the show stopper was THE BAG! The bag I decided to pair with this outfit was the Margo Paige clear round tote. It’s perfect for any occasion, you’re able to hide all the goodies you don’t want the public to see. Which leads me to my first rule!

Rule number 1: Get you a bag that can do both! One of my favorite things about the Margo Paige clear round tote is that the inside pouch is actually portable. You can choose to keep the pouch in the clear bag hiding all your goodies or take the pouch out and show the world how cool you really are. For this look in particular I decided to keep the pouch in the bag. Since I was wearing a pair of heels and knew my feet would be hurting two hours in, I decided to hide a pair of flats in the pouch. The clear round tote was able to help me stay comfortable but still stylish at the same time!

Margo Paige Clear Tote Bag


Rule number 2: Complement the fit!! The one thing I love about this bag, is that it's clear! You could literally wear this bag with any outfit. In my look today I already have three different colors and textures on. Since the bag is clear, it’s nice to not have to worry about matching this bag with the colors or textures, and know it will complement any look.

Rule number 3: Versatile bag is a must! The beautiful thing about the clear round tote is that it can be worn 3 different ways. You could choose to wear the bag as is, with the solid black pouch inside. Or depending on how you feel you can take the utility pouch out and rock just the clear tote or just rock the black utility bag! For today’s look I decided to wear the tote as a whole because I love the contrast of the clear lining with the black utility pouch. Either way you wear this tote, it's going to be a statement!

All though the bag can be your statement piece, doesn’t mean it always will. Have fun when picking your outfit and bag! Take those risks, try new looks and always express yourself! 

clear round tote


If you're interested in this clear tote bag, check out Margo Paige's website to purchase your own clear tote bag! And don’t forget to check out my depop @atribecalleddom to get this whole outfit! Until next time, stay stylish my friend!

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