Meet The Bag Ladies featuring: The Clear Tote

 We would like to introduce Emily & Alyssa, two of MP’s closest friends who review each bag and share where they would wear. All with a good sense of humor.

Clear Tote

From the Everyday Collection, we designed this clear bag for women who need a clear purse for all occasions. We wanted to have our customers enjoy a clear tote bag that can be used at any event but can be served multi purposely with a pop-in pouch to hide any personal items during the week. 

During the week, for the 9-5, use the pop-in pouch to store makeup, personal items, wallet and as, Emily says, “all your secrets.” The pouch is great as it’s faux leather with waterproof liner. It’s always a bummer when lotion, sanitizer or any liquid spills inside a clear purse, but it makes a difference when a liner is waterproof and the bag itself is too. The bonus? Take it out for date night and place on a table upright-no fuss of the size or placement when you’re dining out.

Weekends are a great time to use if you’re in need of a stadium bag. Concerts? Sporting games? This transparent tote bag is stadium approved for events. Grab extra essentials like sunscreen, light jacket, snacks, and maybe a few white claws for the tailgate. Pro tip: aerosols are not allowed in venues, so you’ll have to leave the Sun Bum spray and air horn at home.

Not sure of what to pair with this bag? We suggest always wearing what’s comfortable and true to your style. All styles are created equal and our designs aim to womankind. 

Outfit Ideas: 
Work: black jeans, light sweater, & strappy kitten heels
Concert: jeans, crop top & some comfy sneakers
Sporting event: jeans, favorite team top or sweater, tall boots or booties
Weekend: oversized shirt dress with sandals or sneakers

Key points from the Bag Ladies:
The bigger the hoops the badder the b--- (Power to you, girl!)
Weighs around 2lbs
Pouch is diverse for makeup, travel, going out, storing personal items during the day or your secrets
Holds 11 white claws while still liftable
Date, concert, work, picnic approved
Emily claims approximately 10 men will come your way (Guess your clear tote brings the boys to the yard!)

- 11.5H x 12W x 6D
- Strap 37”
- Pouch: 9H x 10.5W x 4.5D
- Compliant by: NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA & TSA

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