Make a Statement

Transparent Handbag – Fashion Focus of 2020

Fashion today is a pure expression of boldness. You stand out, you are practically on display as everyone notices you, and silently or openly has an opinion on the fashionwear. It is more than just throwing in some nice outfit or a unique combination of clothing items – it making a statement and influencing others. It is responsibility, it is leadership.

If this person is you, then you know you have to be on top of your game at all times! You have the spotlight and people are watching and waiting to see what you do next. Being a fashionista, you  are not only a trendsetter, you stay abreast with the latest trends.

So let me ask you, what was the accessory bag type that was in vogue last year?

It was the transparent bag!

The transparent bag empowers you to show your personality and what matters to you to the world. It is a bold statement which allows your true self to shine through! Fashion which empowers you to be your authentic self is starting to gain popularity since it is cool and provides a platform to anyone to show the world what matters to them. Through this, social impact initiatives and branding efforts can be propelled forward, making your investment in fashion to be one that pays off!

Transparent backpacks were really the rage, from 2018 through 2019 coming up in a myriad of styles that one doesn't get enough of. Now, guess what, the rave is still on and it is clear that the trend isn't going anywhere soon! But what's so cool about these clear transparent backpacks?

Hoorah for Transparency
You can think of them as a mandatory reason to finally clear your handbag of the ages of accumulated debris. We know how easy it is to ignore the pile of receipts, pens, papers, business cards and other items that you do not need and takes up unnecessary space. The clear backpacks encourages clearing out these items and cutting down unnecessary weight that you do not need. This is great to keep you on your toes for your bag cleaning routines!

If you are unsure and have yet to encounter anyone carrying the transparent backpack, it can be scary to carry it around in the public for the first time. However, it is not an unknown trend at all!  You can easily lookup that fashion icons, style stars and celebrities around the world have used the clear backpack to display their essentials and how they've combined it with different outfits. Generally, it is a beautiful way to show off stylish items, other accessories and trinkets that you own. It’s the best way to market something you own or start a conversation with your peers! 

Perks of a Pouch
For whatever reason you have, you may want to keep your stuff from public view occasionally or all the time which is normal. Many transparent backpacks come with a pouch of its own which permits you to hide your items properly while still wearing this highly fashionable accessory without feeling insecure. So, the fact that you may want to be a little private isn't an excuse! You can still incorporate this accessory easily.

For others who are simply used to conventional opaque bags, wearing the clear bags with a concealing pouch gives you the same result only with a little style. (*winks*) 

Make a Statement
This is your chance to show off that fancy phone case or that sleek wallet you just acquired. Show whichever beautiful item you want to show, don't hesitate. This have always been the signature of the clear bags since it shows everything in a trendy way – mixing the conventional backpack with a transparent look. 

Fashion is about expression! Rock that transparent look and make a bold statement this year.

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