How We Started Margo Paige

Welcome to the arena of Margo Paige! We wanted to give you a glimpse into our company and mission to create a better world for clear handbags.

We started the company in the fall of 2017 after attending a college football game. We were shocked to know before going to the game that the stadium had eliminated handbags and required all bags to be clear-not to mention a specific size. While at the game, observing what the market was, we decided that there was room to grow in an underserved industry. 

We started designing an array of bags to see if they would be viable to stand the test of style time and quality. Launching in late 2019, we had found our style: high quality materials, modern styles that are fashion forward and wouldn’t break the bank.

Currently, the market stands with clear handbags that are expensive or inexpensive with no in between. You don’t need to have a high priced item to look cool. You also don’t need an inexpensive item that will break on the second wear. You need a bag that will give you the confidence to wear from work to your favorite concert, festival or sports game. When you wear an MP bag, we know you’ll have that extra confidence knowing you look great, the handbag is quality and you’ll get to enjoy your event.

Margo Paige isn’t for the elite, it’s designed for everyone. We want you to experience your life and events unfiltered. Be sure to share your life unfiltered and enjoying your events, outings or whatever else with us. 


Margo Paige

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