How to Style a Clear Round Tote

ATCD shows three fits that can be worn with our clear round tote. We've got all the style tricks covered below.

Outfit 1:
Sporty & casual. Think of what Sporty Spice would be wearing in 2020. We like to think she would be in a fun skort, exercise dress or joggers. These bottoms could be paired with an oversized button down that is tied just like ATCD shows with the clear round tote. Having the round tote brings the casual look together. Add a pair of sneakers to be ready for anything the week brings.

Outfit 2:
Monochrome. We are big into effortless outfits that take almost no time to put together. The simplest way to achieve a monochrome, a favorite classic look, is by viewing your closet in grouped colors. In this clear purse video, ATCD styles with white-pulling together a chic vibe. Really any piece of clothing can go together-whether it be an all navy combo of a top, pants or jacket. The key to breaking up the look into an effortless, classic look is by using different fabric textures when pairing the same color together. This allows the eye to separate the pieces creating an outfit that is brilliant. To top off, the clear round tote will be perfect for a sophisticated outfit.

Outfit 3:
We love a good trend. In 2020, we are seeing tie-dye everywhere! Think matching sweat suits, tops, pants, swimsuits, hats, headbands-there really isn’t one piece of clothing or accessories that is missing a swirl of color this year. To keep the look casual, ATCD pairs a tie-dye cardigan with a light denim jean. We like the combination of tie dye with a lighter colored bottom to keep the look fresh. If you’re someone who likes to tie-dye on tie-dye, be sure to find an oversized sweatshirt and biker shorts. Pair with platform sandals or sneakers. This complete look with a clear tote for an original 2020 look.

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