How to Style a Clear Bucket Bag

ATCD shows three fits that can be worn with our clear bucket bag. We've got all the style tricks covered below.


Outfit 1:
Since March 2020, jeans have become a pants of the past, are they really comfortable? In the first outfit, we say ditch the jeans. We like the idea of playing with different colors and patterns on pants. Think comfortable khakis or joggers. We don’t mean the ugly khakis that were the pants of a school uniform once upon a time, but similar to ones that ATCD is rocking or from Gap. Khakis should be high-rise or cropped with a wide leg. Search for ones in different colors or a pattern like checked, plaid, floral, etc. Both types of pants take on a classic bottom that go with sweaters, blouses or t-shirts. Similar to jeans, these pants can be dressed up or down depending on your next outing. Joggers are also a fantastic option. They allow a little more casual to be shown through the outfit. Checkout the Anthropologie selection of good looking joggers that will have you be the star at your next grocery store trip. 

Outfit 2:
Colors! Be bold. We love experimenting with contrasting colors. In the video ATCD plays with hues of red, which is a color you’ll be seeing all over Fall 2020. Keep in mind to invest in timeless colors that can be repeated for years to come. Hues of red, blue, green, & white. All will be staple colors that can transition each year with pops of trends from accessories. If you’re more into fast fashion be sure to keep up with Pantone and create a mood board on Pinterest to plan each season look. 

Outfit 3:
Keep it buttoned up! Button tops will always remain in style and can be casual. Remember Meghan Markle’s iconic white button down, jeans and flats? You can do it too! Grab your favorite pair of denim-light or dark wash, we say go for the lighter if you can. Button down tops can be linen, silk, cotton, whatever you prefer. One of our favorite brands, Rails, makes ultra soft button downs that can transition through every season. Wear with our clear bucket bag for a timeless look.

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