Festive First in 2020


While 2020 has been far less than ideal for gatherings, we believe there is one glimmer of excitement on the horizon-holiday party outfits! 

Yes, holiday party outfits, even if we are not able to see family and friends or high school exes we were hoping to impress at the local grocery store. We still need to put the dog on and get down to celebrating in style. These are a few nights that we think you can put your athleisure away to remind yourself real life is just around the corner. (Looking at you 2021!)

Holiday Party Outfit (House Guide Edition):

In the kitchen: Pants. Always pants. Plaid pants, specifically. We know you’ll be in the kitchen opening an oven, fridge, drawers, wine bottles and you must be prepared for a bend and snap at any point. We love the look & ease of plaid pants-they never go out of style during the holiday season. Pair with a light sweater so you don’t get too sweaty up in the heat.

The living room: Jumpsuit. Wearing a one piece will still give you the comfort of sitting on the couch criss cross applesauce or if you want to be a diva, laying across while people serve you bacon wrapped figs. Pair with a fun headband or festive jewelry that gives your inner diva a go. 

The dining room: Skirts & sweaters. We know things got hot in the kitchen, so you’re turning down the temperature. Be sure to wear a fun pleated skirt with a chunky sweater for when the temperature drops. It also gives you more room for your second plate without feeling too glutenous. 

The entryway: Girl, swing that door open and have your S/O snap a shot of you in all your holiday glory. Make sure they get the wreath, garland and maybe even the dog who just got a bath. Smile like you’re going to be featured on Good House Keeping and will be Instagram’s next influencer. For the entryway outfit, we think it’s whatever you might feel is your best with the exception of no athleisure. We accept the following looks: skirts, dresses, pants and jumpsuits. Tops included too.

Holidays are usually over complicated. Let’s take this year for one to remember and dig deep into the style girl you’ve always been. Forget the trends, stay true to your look and know you’ll always be timeless. I mean, we have experienced groundhogs day for the later part of 2020 right?! 

Cheers to the best 2020 holiday party outfits! Margo Paige

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