Fanny Packs in Stadiums

Unsure of what clear bag to wear to the next game? Or wondering if you’re allowed to rock a clear fanny pack? We’ve got you covered with good news and to clear up any confusion on fanny packs in stadiums. Fanny packs are allowed in long as they are clear. Let’s review the clear bag policy as a refresher for late 2020 and into 2021. 

Around 2013, clear bag policies started popping up at football games. Women specifically were up in arms with the policy noting privacy concerns and an unstylish look. While we might have agreed with the sentiment when these policies started rolling out, it’s safe to say that in 2020, clear bag policies are here to stay. We also will give ourselves a shoutout for our clear bags that are ALL stadium approved, stylish and affordable. 

For Fall 2020, amidst the pandemic, stadiums allowing fans into the venues have changed the clear bag policy. Before this Fall, women were encouraged to bring in clear handbags that were smaller than 12”x12”x6”. Many stadiums made an exception for women to carry a small crossbody bag that would be no bigger than 4.5” x 6.5”, allowing that cute designer bag into stadiums without having to purchase a clear bag.

Fast forward to today and stadiums have eliminated the small crossbody. Yes, that means the cute designer bag purchased now has to be benched for stadium activities. Clear bags will only be permitted moving forward to reinforce social distancing at security and supporting a safe event. 

Where does that leave clear bags and clear fanny packs? The clear bag policy will only allow clear bags to be smaller than 12”x12”6” in, which means any clear bag can be worn as long as it is smaller than the permitted size. Clear bags will include: totes, backpacks, bucket bags, fanny packs, crossbody and wristlets. A quick reminder: the bags need to be completely clear, that means no design on the bag. 

We are fans of stadiums moving in this direction of a full clear bag policy because it will only make the event smoother and safer. Not to mention, you can rock our clear fanny pack to the next game or concert in 2021. With the updated clear bag policy in place, we don’t see any stadiums rolling back the policy and allowing small designer crossbody bags back in. We encourage you to find a clear bag or fanny pack that best fits your style. You’ll want to invest in a piece that will stay with style, durability, and affordability, so you can invest in an upgrade in tickets!

As a final reminder, be sure to check out your local stadium or venue as clear bag policies are subject to change with each event. We’ve done the work for you with our guides. Check out our sports, music festival and food festivals to navigate what clear bag you’ll be wearing.
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