Dressing to the Nylons

We love nylon. Yes, we said it and we are proud to be fans of this material. Nylon has always had a connotation of being unappealing, unstylish, and a go to diaper bag material for moms. We would like to interrupt those thoughts to note nylon bags are wonderful for all year wear, style, and durability. 

When a handbag is purchased, one should be able to wear it in any season. Sure, we will make an exception for the cute straw bag that was at the farmers market (always support local) but the goal should be to maintain year long wear. Keeping the same handbag in rotation for each season is an excellent sustainable fashion practice. When you buy better, you wear longer. You’ll be able to save more money for future experiences or emergencies. The more fashion items and handbags one buys ends up in the trash, thrift store or burned. To better help our environment and ourselves, we need to invest in items that will stand long wear. Let’s say it again together, when you buy better, you wear longer. Invest in a year long piece that won’t let you or the environment down.

Nylon will always be a staple material in fashion. For those who immediately think mom bag, think again. One of Prada’s best selling and timeless classics, is their nylon bags. Why? The silhouettes and weave of the material make the bag timeless in a lightweight look. The appearance of a lightweight bag will remain always in style, while bulkier bags will come and go through fashion cycles. It’s key to select a bag that is simple in style and functionality for years to come.

We love all of our nylon bags because of the durability. It’s the worst feeling when you’re out in public when a spill or break occurs. Nylon is excellent material for those who are in need of a lightweight, easy to clean, and durable bag. Nylon is water-resistant and some nylon bags do have waterproof liner on the interior, like all of ours. The ease of cleaning a nylon bag is the same as our clear bags, warm water with mild detergent. If you find yourself with tougher stains, these bags can always go to a shoe repair store where they will have more solvents to help remove the harder ones. 

We are biased, but the best nylon bags for the 2020-2021 season AND beyond, will be our nylon tote, backpack and clutch. We designed these nylon bags for women who are in search of a staple bag, stylish cut and durability. Each has their own unique twist to differentiate what’s on the market and won’t break the bank. 

Our nylon tote is perfect. Think of it as the Longchamp of affordability. We designed this bag with high grade nylon that is water resistant with an interior waterproof liner. This nylon tote as a 9” handle drop ideal for those who may be wearing a heavier coat during the Fall/Winter season to create enough room for toting. We’ve attached silver hardware for a clean crisp look. The zippers are at a small slant to create a modern appearance. The silver chain shows a slight edgy look and is removable to use as a key holder. The interior has three large compartments for those who like extra room for organizing.

We like the look of this bag for Fall with a crisp pair of moto jeans, mock turtleneck and faux leather jacket. Pair with a fun printed bootie for a pop of spunk. 

A Fall favorite from a few of our reviewers is the nylon backpack. The nylon backpack consists of high grade nylon, waterproof interior with mesh pockets for easy visibility when finding keys. Our backpack can fit a small tablet, wallet, keys, chapstick and a favorite sparkling seltzer in the exterior side pocket. We designed the 5” ring instead of a traditional handle as an ode to our clear tote and clear round tote. It’s superb to place on the forearm when your shoulders need a break. 

Keeping a Fall outfit simple for pairing with the nylon backpack is one of many styling tactics. Combining joggers, v-neck t-shirt, jean jacket or a longer sweater with your favorite sneakers will do the trick.

Our nylon clutch is quintessential for those who search for versatility in everything they own. This nylon bag is not only a clutch, but a wristlet and crossbody. Consisting of high grade nylon, waterproof interior, and silver hardware this nylon clutch does it all. Purchasing a clutch with easy to clean material should be on everyone's radar because most likely, when wearing a clutch one might be at a cocktail hour, happy hour or out with friends, which means drink spilling will occur at a higher rate. This bag is also ideal for travel when other spillages might occur but you don’t want to sacrifice style for a travel bag found on Travel World. The nylon clutch is seamless in versatility, style and longevity.

We love the look with a fun printed dress like leopard print with a moto jacket and knee high boots with the nylon clutch. This creates an up to date look and great flare with the silver hardware giving yourself a chance to receive all the compliments on your night out with friends.

Nylon bags are simply one of the best purchases one can make in 2020. The ease in style and durability say it all. We hope you find the next nylon purchase to make the most out of any outfit during any season in the 2020-2021 year.

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