Clear Bag Regulations: Sports


Don’t worry, at first we had the same thought. How could a clear bag even be remotely stylish? Well, in the world of start-ups and liking to prove ourselves wrong, we played around with many different iterations and sizing before launching our clear handbags. We found out that yes, they can be stylish and fit all of the regulations across the globe.

The clear bag policy came into effect Fall of 2013 with the NFL. The NFL wanted to make sure that security lines were moving efficiently and most importantly, increased safety measures. We might say that the NFL was reading into the future. 

In 2020, nearly all U.S. based stadiums and arenas have created a clear bag policy for attendees. While some might scoff at the idea that more and more leagues and venues are changing to this policy, we say it really is for the better.

First, do you like waiting in lines? At MP, we are not patient with lines-it’s kind of like being trapped on an airplane-a waste of time. We like to get through lines efficiently and quickly as possible so we can get to all the fun! Plus, you get to make friends with security because they appreciate your thoughtfulness to help the event go safe and smooth.

Second, do you get nervous at large events? By having a clear policy in effect at an event, it makes the area safer. Security is able to CLEARLY SEE everything that enters the stadium with the help of your Margo Paige bag and metal detectors. 

Thirdly, a clear bag, like Margo Paige, doesn’t have to just be a purchase for one event you go to. It can be used for work, traveling, casual brunches or anything else. We think you’ll realize quickly that these handbags are still modern, fresh and will get the job done with some added bonuses. 

Ok, so enough of the reasoning. Let’s get to the nitty-gritty. REGULATIONS! Generally, here is what’s going down with the policy.

NFL: The NFL has the tightest regulation in sports. All bags must be under 12x6x12 and clear. While they do allow bags that are 4.5x6.5 that are not transparent in, it is advised to grab a clear bag to help with security and speed for entrance. With an increase in security measures, we wouldn’t be surprised if all NFL games required clear bags in the next year.

NBA: The NBA requires all bags to be smaller than 14x14x6. We always suggest to review each arena before attending as they can impose their own bag policies before entering.

MLB: With the most lenient in policies, the MLB requires bags to be smaller than 16x16x8. Stadiums and parks do have their own set of policies too. To ensure you’re in compliance, be sure to review the specific regulations. 

NHL: For hockey fans, most arenas follow the NFL clear bag policy with clear bags needing to be smaller than 12x12x6. 

NCAA: The NCAA has taken after the NFL clear bag policy. There are a few stadiums that are still lenient on this policy, which usually stands around smaller known football teams.

Overall, always check your specific sporting event you’ll be attending to make sure you don’t have to leave your bag at the door. If you have a medical need or a diaper bag, note that almost all stadiums have a designated gate that you will be able to use to bring needed items in. 

Ok, friends! Let’s be clear-this policy isn’t going away, it’s here to stay. Like all things in life, let’s embrace and have fun. Check out our collection here



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