Clear and Chic: The Trendiest Clear Handbags to Elevate Your Style

Clear and Chic: The Trendiest Clear Handbags to Elevate Your Style

In the mood for oversharing? The up-to-date reveal-all vibe is one of many reasons behind the worldwide lust for clear bags. Not only do transparent handbags emanate a unique futuristic charm with a great dose of classy, but they also feature a few undeniably practical uses. If you ever wondered how to tone down the amount of useless (and not so appealing) stuff you carry with you or make concert security checks smooth sailing, clear bags are the answer.

Style-wise, runways and streets overflowing with these distinctive accessories show clear bags are an item of the season. In this article, we'll spotlight the trendiest clear bags designed to elevate your style like no other.

The Appeal of Clear Handbags

An unstoppable urge for peculiar handbag creativity characterized recent years in fashion. Described loosely as a surrealist tendency, this latest trend encompassed a myriad of curious designs, such as a bag made of hand blown glass by Coperni, worn by Doja Cat, Kylie Jenner, and Tinashe, a Swarovski crystal martini purse, proudly tackled by Paris Hilton or a clutch made of human hair handled by Julia Fox.

The list of unconventional handbag designs goes on:
Clio Peppiatt's crystal bags (recycled acrylic beads that resemble hardened sugar),
Simone Rocha and Cult Gaia's sumptuous forms recalling pearls,
Naomi Gilon's ceramic bags with spine-chilling sculptures of hands, somehow perfectly sitting with the overall elegant design, Ottolinger’s ceramic and melted-down plastic bags, and Saurieng Hatlep's Knuckles Punch Bag made of sharp blades;

Another powerful trend among handbag must-haves that has been taking runways by storm for the last few years is clear bags. Let's look briefly into the recent background story of this innovative accessory. In 2013, the NFL implemented a safety-oriented bag policy, limiting the bags allowed into the stadium to one transparent 2" by 6" by 12" bag per capita. Not only was it considered safer to make the insides of people's bags visible to everyone, but it also significantly sped up security checks. Other stadiums, sports and music venues, and theaters also updated their policy, making PVC see-through handbags common and, as a result, popular. Before we knew it, clear bags became a fashion trend, with the gorgeous turquoise-tinted Chanel 2018 handbag collection at the forefront.

Still hesitant about making the inside of your purse a public matter? The only thing transparent handbags don't provide you with is mystery. They are unceasingly fresh, super modern, and yet classy as hell. Have we mentioned versatility? Remember the good ol' trouble with color matching as you plan an outfit? With colorless clear bags, the issue becomes inexistent. You can pair clear bags with most of your outfits, so having one in your closet makes dressing up more manageable. Having one bag that fits everything instead of many is also sustainable since it lowers the demand for production.


Top Trends in Clear Handbags

Clear bags invaded the fashion world out of the blue. At first, they seemed to be an insignificant trend destined to be forgotten after the end of the season. Not only did this never happen, but transparent bags still go strong. Instead of vanishing humbly over time, they advanced to a staple present in most wardrobes.

Let's look at the most popular types and trends among clear bags. From clutches to backpacks, it's time to dig into the variety of tendencies in transparent accessories.

Transparent Totes

You thought that there is nothing more unsophisticated than a tote bag? Whether clear or not, tote bags typically feature a main compartment, sometimes an additional inner compartment for small items, and same-material shoulder straps. A transparent tote bag can be just a handy shopping bag, or it can turn into so much more than an invisible extra hanging from your shoulder! A designer's clear tote bag can become an eye-catching detail that adds spice to the most uncomplicated look.

Clear Clutches

A clutch bag is a slim, flat handbag that typically comes without handles or a strap. Tilda with Chain ($950.00) by L'Afshar (check also Lucite Pagoda Silver hardware for a whopping $1,010.00) is an example of a traditional (well, not that traditional) purse. You can wear this model as a purse or a clutch, depending on how you hold it as part of the outfit.

Clear Backpacks

Clear backpacks are unique for several reasons. First, they were reborn from a security-related cause and quite unexpectedly embarked on their ongoing fashion journey. Secondly, they are a flagship product of many brands because of their sustainability-based input. A representative example, clear backpacks by Margo Paige, were designed with eco-friendly materials, such as recycled PVC. This material not only gives off a posh, sophisticated energy but is also long-lasting and durable. As a result, you spend only once and keep this goodie in your closet for years. By keeping it out of landfills for longer, you help the environment.

Clear Cross-body

Cross-body is a type of bag that rests against your body with a strap. "Cross-body" comes from the bag's arrangement on your figure — the strap goes across your body. Let's check one: Scene Bag Clear by Steve Madden, $70.00, is composed of a chic, smooth, fully transparent outer with endless styling versatility. On the inside, as part of the design, you get an extra interior pouch to keep your essentials secret. The inner pouch is removable, so you can use your elegant clear cross-body with a full-disclosure option as well. A graceful chain cross-body strap acts as a gorgeous and convenient fashion statement.

Hammitt Tony SML Stadium-Approved Clear Bag in Clear Crimson/Brushed Gold for $195 is a cherry on top of our meticulous list of the best clear bags the fashion world has seen. We fell in love with the intensity of the crimson tint paired with noble gold and classic embellishments that never go out of style. Grab one and elevate every outfit you wear in an instant.

The brand offers purses in various colors accompanying its main transparent part. Pick your favorite tone from Blue Oasis, Grove Green, Candlelight Orange, and others

Clear Fringe Crossbody

The thing about the Clear Fringe Crossbody is that you don't have to do anything to spice up your entire outfit. All you need is a plain dress and this gorgeous bag thrown across your shoulder and waist! Margo Paige's collection features bags with black and taupe fringes — boost the fanciness of your style with these diverse colors. Sustainably designed by women with eco-friendly materials, this Margo Paige handbag model also includes added faux detailing, which promotes animal welfare. Invest in this go-to bag for any outfit and pair it with shorts, a skirt, jeans, or a dress. It can be worn as a shoulder bag or an adorable clutch.

Semi-Circle Crossbody

According to experts, handbags in semi-circle shapes never go out of style. Take your Mago Paige's Semi-Circle Cross-body on a night out with friends and forget worrying about spilled drinks. This baby gets you covered. You can wear this one as a wristlet, shoulder, or cross-body bag. The bag has a sizable middle interior and snap pockets on both sides to let you easily reach for keys or mints, even in the dark. Designed sustainably with eco-friendly materials, such as recycled PVC, this handbag will last for ages.

Unpretentious and outstanding at once, this Cut Out Cross-body by Margo Paige is elegant, practical, and has the balance of desirable features that are hard to find elsewhere. Its modern yet universal pattern ensures you'll be able (and happy to) match it with every outfit. It's your best pick for day-to-day wear, evening concerts, and a variety of sports events. You can wear it comfortably as a cross-body or shoulder bag.

Lucite Handles

There are several plain nylon Prada handbags with Lucite handles impatiently sought-after by the whole internet. This craving alone shows how much emotion Lucite handles evoke. It's an open secret that Lucite handles are a purely decorative part of a handbag design; after all, they have nothing to do with the practicality of a see-through bag (if anything, they are highly impractical). From Kylie Jenner proudly showcasing her Coperni to Alia Bhatt with her Gucci Jackie 1961 transparent bag, Lucite handles are hot!

Colorful Accents

Take a clear bag and make it mermaidcore? Chanel designers knew what was cookin' already back in 2018. A lot happened along the way, but the memorable Chanel collection bursting at the seams with clear bags and other PVC embellishments isn't forgotten. These purses leave little to the imagination and yet remain deeply enchanting.

Similar tonality, a less reasonable price ($1,890), and significantly smaller size are characteristics of an extraordinary bag design by Alexander McQueen: Electric Plexiglass Four-ring Skull Clutch Alexa. If we were asked to choose between the two options above, we would say that purses able to carry only a single lipstick must go. However, the fashion world has something for everyone, so we leave these four lovely high-end skulls alone for now.

Speaking of colorful accents, we couldn't forget to mention the Tory Burch Mini Miller Clear Crossbody Bag. This cutie is a $199-worth bundle of joy that you should consider if colorful attire is a large part of your style. Trimmed in leather with two zippered compartments and a laser-cut Double T, this bag can be used as a clutch or cross-body. Within the latter option, it can be worn with the energetically green webbing strap or without it.

Must-Have Brands and Designers

As much as we might not have seen that coming a few decades back, clear bags are in fashion for good, encompassing a wide range of shapes, materials, forms, and tints. Every fashion brand has had at least one little affair with transparent bags. It depends on you whether you fall for a $2150 Saint Laurent Severine Leather-Trimmed Pvc Tote Bag or a tad more accessible pink little darling Tabby Trasparente by Coach.

Frequently displayed on our list of the most stunning clear bags of our decade, Margo Paige has been specialized in creating transparent bags for years. Clear bags help you organize your belongings and are a great conversation piece! Time and experience helped Margo Paige access skills that are out of reach for designers who put clear bags on a pedestal only for one season. Whether it's see-through purses or transparent backpacks, accessories produced by this brand feature style and comfort of use. Caring about environmental causes by using recycled PVC to produce bags is a statement that Margo Paige has been dedicated to since their beginnings. The conscious use of faux leather for trims aims to keep bags vegan and cruelty-free.

Young successful bag designers, such as Tory Burch, the 88th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes in 2020, bring us another curious twist to transparent bags. Burch's Perry Small Clear Tote may have a see-through design, yet we can also hide what needs to stay a secret. The bag is composed of an interior zip pocket and multicolored trim, which, put together, gives the impression we're looking at a regular bag. However, this ordinary inner container is covered by a transparent part that takes us back to where we started this journey of discovery. As a result, we have a clear bag that lets us remain stylish without disclosing our private items. In other words, the new generation knows how to have their cake and eat it.

It wasn't that long ago when Schiaparelli let their lions out, and here we go again with the tiny, yet majestic, golden muzzle of the king of the jungle in the center of a transparent bag. Aspinal of London presents The Trunk (700$), "for the woman who carries no secrets." Every part of a glass-like transparent acrylic backdrop is handcrafted by a master craftsman using hand-formed solid brass hardware finished in gold. The lion itself is created using PMMA, a hard wearing, sustainable form of acrylic.

Our era, be it in fashion, design, art, or architecture, is characterized by the utmost freedom and eclecticism, leading to the renouncement of any expectations. It would be challenging to narrow down a particular style of clear bags that set an example for others to follow. All we know is that a designer or brand that approaches fashion sustainably and nurtures a desire to keep their clear bags classy stays among the most popular ones for longer. In this light, Margo Paige is a leader among designers and producers of transparent accessories.

Styling Tips: How to Rock Clear Handbags

All fashionistas know that an ardent shopping craze is only one step in a long way to looking good wearing your new purchase. The real trouble starts with styling. So, read the following paragraph carefully to ensure your look lights up the room with style instead of lighting up your fail!

We would lie if we said clear bags fit formal looks more than casual ones. While they can perfectly go together on both occasions, an averagely expensive clear bag will be effortless for more easygoing circumstances. Moreover, it can cause some trouble with head-to-toe elegant attire. But that's just statistics; as we all know, they don't tell the whole truth.

A counter-argument to the statement that posh clear bags can't be affordable is an unpretentious Staud's Shirley Transparent Handbag (200$). Besides being a match made in heaven for most styles, this bag is quite sizable, contrary to many other clear bag examples. This beautiful bag comes in various colors: black, tan, cream shade, burgundy, and garnet shade of patent leather. You can also follow your creativity and alternate bags that you carry inside its PVC outer shell. Just make sure that you can trust your fashion judgment first!

Styling minimal, monochromatic looks leaves room to add a color accent, which a clear bag can provide. Remember that if your clear bag is entirely transparent, you can still make it colorful by stashing it with objects like your favorite fabrics.

The rule is simple: whatever you put inside a clear bag will add color to your outfit. Mind that it's an opportunity as much as a danger. Transparent bags force you to keep the stuff you carry tidy. Yet, if you're someone who couldn't care less what they fill their bags with, Houston, we have a problem, so call us because we can't find the phone in our bag's mess to call you.

Boho-chic lovers will benefit from clear bag options brought to us by a Los Angeles-based brand, STAUD. Wearing all white would be too much if it wasn't accompanied by a transparent, girly bag to twirl around when you pose for photos. You really can't fail if you pick a traditional, timeless purse model, whether clear or only partially transparent.

An underappreciated way of dealing with unique fashion items is by making them even more fun! Have some crazy yellow splashes around your clear bag? Don't work on making the rest of the outfit tone it down; do the opposite. By engaging in a funny, diverse style spread throughout your entire costume, you not only show that you don't take yourself too seriously, but you also demonstrate your openness to play with fashion. Growth comes through trial and error, so you'll never learn if you're afraid to try various options.

Clear Bags Buying Guide

Getting a brand-new clear bag is quick and easy online, so why not use this opportunity? Especially since you don't need to try this part of your outfit on. Among thousands of websites of individual brands, there are websites that selected and displayed the most exciting picks from various fashion suppliers. For upper-shelf choices, click your way to Farfetch. Their list of transparent bags is short but alluring enough to spend some time in this part of the internet.

Nordstrom is another place worth visiting this time, both virtually and physically. Even though the research results show only around twenty transparent bags, and a few aren't even transparent, it's still worth returning to this corner of the world. You'll find there both Cabas Clear Vinyl Tote by Saint Laurent for 2,079.03€, Mini Le Troisième Clear Acrylic Tote by Valentino Garavani for 2,407.80€ and Jewel PVC Crossbody Bag by HOBO for 85.10€.

What about a premium shopping app with over 160 million annual shoppers and products from 17,000 of the world's leading brands and stores? Lyst is another recommended online address. Their clear bags offer is longer and even more intriguing. 

We mentioned purse sizes and how much we like if they fit in more than a single lipstick. After all, your bag can be the sweetest little thing visually, but if it doesn't play its role, it means it's purely a decoration. We're all in when it comes to making extravagant choices in fashion. You can even wear two bags: a bigger one to carry your stuff and a tiny clear bag to impress. But if you're looking for a clear bag that's actually practical and carries your stuff, pay attention to its size. Moreover, if you purchase your bag to take it to stadiums, check the specific size requirements to avoid issues at the entry gate. Most venues adhere to universal guidelines wherein the bag can't be larger than 12 x 6 x 12 inches.

Let's take Margo Paige as a respectable example to discover the best material for clear handbags. The brand uses GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified eco-friendly materials: 40% recycled post-consumer polyester (RM0189) + 60% polyurethane (RM0210).

In general, thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) are the best types of polyurethane. Clear plastic bags are created with low-density polyethylene and polypropylene. The former is the most popular choice, thanks to its versatility. Polypropylene, on the other hand, is highly valued for its clarity and tensile strength. Try to avoid bags made with PVC (vinyl - Polyvinyl Chloride). It's a toxic plastic that harms your health and the environment. On the other hand, using recycled PVC (utilized by Margo Paige) reduces demand for virgin fossil fuel-based materials and consumption but doesn't sacrifice the performance benefits of the material.

Pay attention to machine stitching on the bag. It indicates that your bag will be more durable, long-lasting, and able to carry more weight.

On the other hand, using recycled PVC reduces demand for virgin fossil fuel-based materials and consumption but does not sacrifice the performance benefits of the material.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning delicate clear bags is a tad more risky than wiping traditional bags. It's all out there for everyone to see, so every scratch, piece of dirt, or dust should be taken care of. To do it:
1. Use a soft cloth to remove any particles from the surface gently.
2. Wipe it down with a damp cloth, both interior and exterior.
3. Don't use harsh chemicals, as they can damage the plastic of your clear bag.
4. Use a nonabrasive, all-purpose cleaner or baking soda and water paste.
5. Apply the cleaner to the surface or on a damp sponge and rub gently.

Cubbies are excellent for storing various sizes of handbags. If you don't have space for them, for organizational means, consider keeping your handbags in plastic bins that you tuck in a closet or under a bed. Many people think hanging handbags is a good idea because they look good in the closet. The truth is, while they present themselves all fancy, stacking multiple bags on top of each other is the worst you can do to their shape and longevity. You can also damage the straps if they have the weight of a bag put on them for a long time.

Testimonials and Reviews

Beyoncé went for a clear bag paired with a peach dress with chains and a substantial load of silver around her neck. Debuted at Paris Fashion Week in 2015, L'Afshar's clear bags stormed showbiz and celebrities, including Kylie Jenner.

Very different in style, yet also in a transparent bag category, is Ariana Grande's flirt with a vinyl Hermès Kelly bag. The singer — as noticed by Vogue  — "seems to be stepping up her New York street-style game." What's worth noticing is that Grande added her own twist to this already-saucy accessory, adding the word "Sweetener" on the front, a plug for her album.

There is only one thing that could make these cherished clear bags even more appealing — writes Sarah Crow for Refinery 29 — Getting your hands on ones that are not only stylish but also sustainable. Enter: the era of Margo Paige. Bags showcase elevated details, like vegan-leather-lined zippers in stylish neutrals and thick chain straps, making it easy to pair them with everything from off-the-shoulder sweaters, boyfriend jeans, and cute boots for cold weather date nights to sparkly dresses and cute flats for holiday parties.


If there is anything we need to add to conclude, there are as many types of clear bags as their designers, but there are even more ways of approaching these bags' styles, namely, as many as there are fashion enthusiasts!

So, while transparent bags can be stylish, fresh, posh, and timeless, all in one piece, they also have their unique practical side. With clear bags, you can not only find what you need from your bag instantly. You will also feel less troubled with security checks at the stadiums, making sports events and concerts you participate in smooth sailing.

Outfit choices are not about a set of fashions to follow or obligations to be subjected to. It's the expression of our personality and, as such, should not only be respected but also embraced. So, take your clear bag, whether it's currently on the fashion magazine covers or not, and make a bold statement that speaks volumes about you, your love for life, and your personality.

Are you ready to look into the latest clear handbag options? Click to dive into Margo Paige's unique and timeless clear bags!

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