Cleaning a Clear Purse


One of the reasons we love recycled PVC for a clear purse is it's easier to clean and it has less bacteria. Yes, bacteria is more prevalent on a leather handbag! We wanted to help with a few care tips for your clear handbag to make you feel good & clean.

To clean your clear crossbody bag, you’ll need a microfiber or soft cloth. Microfibers are fantastic for cleaning transparent handbags for a few reasons. First, it helps reduce the amount of products being used. Forget the cleaning agents and paper towels you buy monthly at Target. This cloth is something that can be used over & over again-think for your computer, phone, mirrors, dusting, tables, counters, and of course, the clear stadium bag. Microfibers cover a larger surface area while using very little product (i.e. warm water & mild soap). Allowing you to continue with your budget & eco-friendly practices! 

Once you’ve secured the microfiber cloth, you’ll want to use a mild detergent. In our video, we use the Method brand. Grab your favorite bowl, add a tiny squirt of soap, and warm water. You’ll want to give it a quick swirl to combine. Pick up the clear backpack and gently begin to wipe the finger prints and bacteria from the clear bag. If you’re in a rush, you can always use an antibacterial wipe for any clear purse. Pro tip: To keep the microfiber cloth clean, you’ll want to rinse after reach use. Warm water & detergent will do the trick. Just be sure to air dry or tumble on low so it doesn’t ruin the fibers!

AND WAH-LAH, a clear handbag is that easy to clean. Just repeat steps one and two for life. 

Curious about the faux trimmings on a clear purse? Those are easy to clean as well. You’ll want to use your soft cloth and warm water to go over the trim to catch any dust or dirt. Mild soap or detergent may be used after. Be sure to wipe down with a new dry cloth to help with the drying process.

Now life can be enjoyed with all the beer spills, finger prints, & ice cream leftovers.

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