Bag Regulations at Food Festivals

Did some festival? Oh yeah, we are big time foodies over here at MP. 

We believe food is the fuel that gets the creative juices flowing and maybe a few glasses of wine. In all seriousness, food festivals are great for everyone. It’s a way to see new trends, ways to pair, family friendly, and you’ll be able to see some of the most renowned chefs in the world. (Hello, Giada! (as italians, we gotta give some love)).

In the last few years, food photos have been a star on social media and as millennials start to take on healthier habits than previous generations, it makes attendance at food festivals on the rise. With growth, there is always thought of safety and moving attendees in/out of events, which means...dun, dun, dun...BAG REGULATIONS! 

Almost all events have their own required bag regulations and can differ from year to year. For example, the SOBEWFFEST requires bags to be smaller than 12”x16”. Our crossbody, round tote and fanny pack would be perfect options for a festival like this as they suggest wearing “smart casual” pieces during the day. So not only will you be in a casual, cute outfit, you’ll be smart by bringing a clear bag and skipping lines!

Other notable Food Festivals with bag policies:

Austin Food & Wine Festival 

Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

Charleston Food & Wine 

Nashville Food & Wine Festival

New York Food & Wine Festival

Pacific Food & Wine

San Diego Food & Wine

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