Are Clear Bags Allowed at Dodger Stadium?

Dodger Stadium is the largest baseball stadium globally per the seating capacity. The stadium opened for games in 1962, and to date, it’s among the most famous baseball stadiums. It is also the home L.A. Dodgers and their world famous "dodger dogs."

Since the stadium opened in 1962, it allowed various bags that included backpacks, purses, beach bags, etc. However, these bags are no longer permitted inside the stadium. Dodger stadium has set a guideline limiting the number and size of clear bags you can carry inside the stadium. 

Are clear bags allowed?

Clear bags are permitted and highly recommended for security and line control. Dodger stadium states in their bag policy that a clear plastic bag smaller than 12” X12” X6” or a one-gallon freezer bag are permitted inside the stadium. 

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Dodger Stadium Clear Bag Policy

Only two types of clear bags are allowed by the stadium. The policy requests the patrons to follow the guidelines below:

  • You are permitted to carry transparent bags made of clear plastic, vinyl or PVC. Belongings inside the bag must be visible from the outside so that security can quickly scan them. 
  • Clear bags must not exceed 12"x 6"x 12". The bag can have a logo on one side but the logo shouldn’t exceed 4"x 4".
  • One-gallon clear, plastic resealable bag (Ziploc bag or similar) is permitted.
  • Attendees may carry a small clutch bag, but it cannot exceed 7"x 9" in size. While the clutch does not have been transparent, it will be subjected to a security search.
  • Diaper and medical bags are permitted, but only after a proper inspection at designated security gates.

The Dodger clear bag policy adds that bags of any kind, including briefcases, laptop bags, fanny packs, laptop bags or any other bag that do not fall under the criteria of the clear bag policy, will not be permitted inside the stadium.

Fans will still be able to carry binoculars, cameras, additional clothing and other essentials inside the permissible bag.

Security will check bags before you reach the main entry gate, and will ask you to take the prohibited items back to your car or dispose of them at the entrance. The stadium doesn’t provide a locker facility to store your items and collect later. We strongly encourage to plan ahead and take a look at stylish clear bag options so you don't miss the game!

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Types of Clear bags allowed in the stadium along with dimensions

Dodger stadium is very clear about its policy and typically allows fans to carry three particular types of stadium bags. Two clear bags and one non-clear bag; let us understand the exact details about these bags. 

1. Clear bags smaller than 12” X 12” X 6”

These bags resemble ordinary tote bags with a top handle and are spacious enough to carry all your stadium essentials. They are readily available online search with the dimensions like “12” X12” X6” clear bag for the stadium

Also, these bags are durable enough to handle the weight and easy to carry around. 

2. One-gallon clear bag 

They are like everyday zip-lock clear bags that we usually use in our homes to store veggies. You can take a clear tote bag within the dimensions we just explained or take a one-gallon zip lock bag that you can quickly get at a much lower price at any nearby store. 

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3. Clutch bags smaller than 7” X 9”

You can carry your everyday clutch bag, which must match the specified size. It doesn’t have to be mandatorily transparent, a normal one will work, but the security will check it before entering the stadium. 

You can carry a clutch bag in addition to anyone bag among the two that we just explained above. Don’t worry about matching size but make sure it’s not much bigger than a usual clutch. Try to match your clutch with the one in this image. 

Which bags are not allowed in the stadium?

All other bags that don’t fall under the specified dimensions provided by the stadium are not allowed inside the stadium. Below is a list of what bags are not allowed in the stadium. Please note, there are exceptions to this requirement in the case of diaper and medical bags. These bags typically require thorough inspection and a specific gate to enter. We advise checking your event for specific rules. 

  • Laptop bags
  • Gym bags
  • Backpacks
  • Beach bags
  • Hard/soft coolers
  • Large purses
  • Ladies’ purses 
  • Travel bags 

Are strictly not allowed by the stadium. If carrying, security will ask you to leave your bag inside your car or dispose of it at the entry gate.

List of other stadiums in LA that require a clear handbag

Dodger stadium is not the only one that follows a clear bag policy. Other stadiums are also behind them, following the same policy that asks you to bring clear handbags or stadium approved bags into the premises. But, the allowed dimensions and types of bags are different for each stadium. Let’s find out. 

1. Angels Stadium 

Like dodger stadium, they allow you to carry a small 12" x 12" bag with a zip or the ability to close using a sticky flap (it doesn’t have to be a clear bag). You can also use a clear bag that shouldn’t exceed 12.75" x 6.5" x 12.75" with no hidden pockets. The stadium allows exceptions in case of an infant of a medical issue. 

2. Banc of California Stadium

The stadium also follows a clear bag policy similar to the dodger stadium. You can carry a one-gallon clear bag or a plastic clear bag that must not exceed 12” x 6” x 12. Banc of California Stadium also allows you to carry a clutch that must be the size of your hand; with or without a handle, anything would work.

3. Dignity Health Sports Park

The stadium follows the same policy as the dodger stadium and allows you to carry a clear bag that must not exceed 12” x 6” x 12”, or you may carry a one-gallon zip lock bag. However, their dimension for carrying a clutch is different. Ensure that your clutch does not exceed 4.5” X 6.5” with or without a handle. 

4. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The stadium also follows the clear bag policy and allows you to carry a clear bag that must not exceed 12” x 6” x 12” or a one-gallon zip lock bag. You may carry a clutch approximately the size of your hand. There are no specific dimensions for the clutch. The stadium says they may take exception in case of infant or medical emergencies. 

5. Rose Bowl Stadium 

Rose bowl is among the oldest stadiums in Los Angeles and is pretty popular. They recently started following the clear bag policy, similar to another stadium. You cannot carry a clear bag exceeding 12” x 6” x 12” or a one-gallon freezer bag. If you carry a small clutch, make sure it falls under 4.5” X 6.5”. They can make exceptions to their policy in certain conditions, but the safest bet is to always be prepared with a clear handbag that meet general requirements. 

6. Sofi Stadium 

It’s the biggest stadium in Los Angeles that follows a clear bag policy. You can carry a clear bag within 12” x 6” x 12” or a one-gallon freezer bag. Any other type of bag is strictly prohibited inside the stadium. You can also carry a clutch within 4.5” X 6.5”. 

7. Staples Stadium 

The stadium has the strictest policy because they don’t even allow carrying a clear bag. Their policy states that bags and purses of any size are not permitted inside the stadium, and you must bring the necessary items that fit in your pocket. That is weird, but they allow clutches or wallets lesser than 5” x 9” x 1” or a medical or parenting bag lesser than 14” x 14” x 6”, and they need to go through an x-ray scanning machine. 

Today, almost every major stadium follows a clear bag policy. Make sure you to review the guidelines before your event and grab a stylish clear bag so you can move through a security line in a breeze. 

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