2020 College Football Season

The smell of fresh cut grass, cooling summer nights, days getting shorter, means only one thing: football season is around the corner. We love planning in August what our Fall will look like: Saturday outfits, tailgates and favorite warm beverages. Not to mention, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is starting, which brings another level of excitement for Fall trends and the knowledge crisper air upon us. However, the 2020 Fall season will look very different, specifically for college football. So, what’s the scoop on the impending season?

Safety. First and foremost, all schools will put safety as their top priority for the season. While most schools are not sure if a season is likely to play out, they are creating new rules for 2020 to prepare. Currently, the PAC-12 & Big Ten are the only schools that will not be having a Fall season and will look to the spring instead. For the SEC, Big 12, & ACC are still moving forward. The biggest changes that fans will see are contactless interactions (tickets on mobile devices & cashless transactions), giveaways or field presentations removed, and the stadium at limited capacity.

Moving tickets to mobile devices seems like a great idea in general. It helps reduce the amount of paper, counterfeit tickets & touch points with game day staff. Breezing through a line with the ticket pulled up on a mobile device and a quick scan-makes it all seamless and pain free. Not to mention, another stopping point that is eliminated, especially when you have a clear purse in tow.

We all love free gear, but do we really need more? When was the last time you wore that free t-shirt from the radio giveaway at the tailgate? We know this is a necessary step in practicing a safe distance from others during the game. Think of all the times you’ve jumped over the next row into a sweaty mosh pit for a foam football. I’m sure you’re now only thinking of sweat and germs. Better luck next year!

25,000 is a crowd, at least for this season. Teams across the country will move to a very limited capacity, between 25%-50%. No high fives for the neighbors across the way. You’ll have to stick to the group of 10 or less that you’re with. Focusing on a new touchdown dance will be the goal of the Fall. Upon entering the stadium there will be protocols set up to ensure everyone is maintaining a six feet distance. And surprise-masks are required! A favorite college team mask will be the new look on Saturday afternoons. 

Concerned about the 2020 Fall season outfit? Don’t be! This is the season to highlight accessories: masks, sunglasses and clear handbags. We are loving Sparkle City’s for the team spirit & sparkle, of course. If you’re someone who runs at a higher temperature during the early Fall weather, checkout Athleta’s multi pack of light weight masks. College bookstores online will also have masks available if you’re interested in going the full team spirit route. 

Sunglasses are always needed, especially if you’re facing the sun before it goes down. Not to mention, they also help reduce any transmission of infections through the eyes. While sunglasses are not a face shield, they will be better than having no protection. Our favorites of the season: Krewe’s Collins Nylon, Electric’s Crasher, Quay’s 55mm Cat Eyes, Quay’s 56mm Aviators

And of course, our personal favorite accessory-a clear handbag. Go clear or go home! 

Clear handbags will be required this season with no exceptions. This means the cute small bag that you wear day to day is no longer allowed. ALL BAGS MUST BE CLEAR. As a quick reminder, we’ve done all the dirty work for you with our collection. All of our bags are compliant by: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL & NCAA. You can check out your venue here.

The bonus of a clear purse is it can be styled with any look and will never go out of style. Yes, we just said ‘never go out of style.’ From your Saturday game day attire to the 9-5. It’s a closet staple that if you don’t have already, it’s a must need for the upcoming season and beyond. Not only will it help with line efficiency, social distance and better security-it will be required for all sporting games, concerts, festivals and large events. We promise the purchase will be worth the look for the next outing.

Be sure to grab a Margo Paige clear bag, so you’re not sent home on your first Saturday out of the house. Or if you’re at home, our bags also double as a White Claw bucket as well, just ask The Bag Ladies.
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