Sustainability Mission & Vision

Margo Paige’s flagship product, the clear handbag, was designed around elements like transparency, multi-function, and longevity. Our business is too.

Margo Paige believes in authentic transparency in handbags, in our lifestyle, and in our supply chain. Margo Paige creates sustainable products that allow customers and ourselves to align our lifestyles and our ethos. Margo Paige practices environmental and social sustainability all the way from design to doorstep in our product line. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability, or vice versa.

Through sustainable design, ethical materials sourcing, fair labor manufacturers, and slow growth, we’re creating the fashion industry that we want to be a part of.

Margo Paige envisions a future in which authentic transparency is the standard in our lifestyles and the fashion industry. We envision our product line inspiring customers to live unedited and let others in. We envision product lines that prioritize social and environmental sustainability by supporting our people all the way through our value chain, and leaving as little waste and negative impact on the environment as possible.

We envision joining the ranks of other businesses that are holding people and planet in higher esteem than profit, and we envision being a part of a movement of responsible businesses that revolutionize the fashion industry.