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Emily's Etiquette Series: The First Date

First Date Etiquettewritten by: Emily Alston It’s your first date? Pretty nervous, huh? Well don’t be. You’re going on a date... and I’m over here jealous of you. But, if you’re still nervous, don’t worry! I’ve got some pretty hot tips I think will help settle those nerves.  So sit back, relax and let me tell you the do’s and don’ts of a first date.  The Do’s:Give Yourself a Pep Talk Precisely 10 Min Before - This is crucial. And it needs to be done in front of a mirror. Preferably a standing mirror to get the full effect.  Don on your date night outfit - which I can only assume includes your on trend Margo Paige clear clutch purse,...

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Handbag Essentials After the Apocalypse 

Written by: Emily Alston Thinking about the end? The end of the pandemic, I mean. If you are, you should be thinking considerably about what you plan on bringing out with you into the wild. For me, it’s prepping my clear backpack for our first venture. We must be prepared and as safe as we can be in these times of social distancing. Having all of the necessary items with you is crucial.  Here’s a list of essentials you should be carrying on you: Hand Sanitizer Does this really need an explanation? You should have already been carrying hand sanitizer before COVID-19, but if you weren’t, now is a great time to start! Hand sanitizer isn’t an absolute substitute for...

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Thrifting 101 with A Tribe Called Dom

We asked our friend, Dom, who is based in Austin to share her tips on running her Depop store - A Tribe Called Dom and how to thrift successfully.    Written by: A Tribe Called Dom Inspiration for today's styles can always be traced back to a different era, and I think that's why I find beauty in thrifting. It’s easy to get lost in what everyone has or what they're wearing, but the main thing you’ll learn from thrifting is that fashion repeats! Anything you buy at department stores, I promise, you can find thrifting... and for half the price! The joy I get from thrifting is being able to go to a thrift store and find something that no one...

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People You Meet In Line

Written by: Emily Alston If you’re anything like me, you’re an observer of humans. A fan of mankind and the nature of their ways. We observe them in their natural habitats - such as grocery stores, parks, traffic stops, ski resorts, schools...  But I’d have to say the most interesting place to find them - festivals.  Here is a small list of some of the people you may see:  The Super Fan: Their whole outfit is made up of merch from the band they came there to see. Through their transparent tote you can see the DIY signs they made asking the lead drummer for his digits. Go talk to them - I bet they will tell you how many times...

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Make a Statement

Transparent Handbag – Fashion Focus of 2020 Fashion today is a pure expression of boldness. You stand out, you are practically on display as everyone notices you, and silently or openly has an opinion on the fashionwear. It is more than just throwing in some nice outfit or a unique combination of clothing items – it making a statement and influencing others. It is responsibility, it is leadership. If this person is you, then you know you have to be on top of your game at all times! You have the spotlight and people are watching and waiting to see what you do next. Being a fashionista, you  are not only a trendsetter, you stay abreast with the latest trends....

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