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Make a Statement

Transparent Handbag – Fashion Focus of 2020 Fashion today is a pure expression of boldness. You stand out, you are practically on display as everyone notices you, and silently or openly has an opinion on the fashionwear. It is more than just throwing in some nice outfit or a unique combination of clothing items – it making a statement and influencing others. It is responsibility, it is leadership. If this person is you, then you know you have to be on top of your game at all times! You have the spotlight and people are watching and waiting to see what you do next. Being a fashionista, you  are not only a trendsetter, you stay abreast with the latest trends....

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Clear Handbags for Your Outfits in 2020

Handbags are the best accessories and enhance your style quotient. Finding one that suits your style and taste is a tough one, but once you find it, it becomes your best one for life! If you find yourself scrolling through handbag shops online or on Instagram, but not quite finding the ultimate handbag for your new year, new me look, then consider clear handbags. Clear handbags make a bold statement about your style, and it provides practical convenience too! No more digging opaque layers of material for extended periods of time to find the item you’re after. Clear bags can come in any form, and it is not solely confined to shopping or clutch transparent bags.  Clear bags now come...

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Austin Bag Regulations

Oh, hey! Us again with bag regulation updates. We wanted to let our fellow Austinites know about the bag regulations around the city, so no one gets stuck leaving a purse at the door.  We have a clear way to have you skip the line! All of our clear purses meet the standards at all events and venues. HOW COOL IS THAT?  Some misconceptions of clear bags: The purse cannot have an overlay. Overlay? Yes. Think of any print, confetti, stripes, mesh, etc. The purse cannot be tinted, which means no colored PVC bags allowed. They must be COMPLETELY CLEAR! Austin Venues:360 AmphitheatreAustin Bold FCBass Concert HallACL Live at Moody TheatreD.K. Royal Texas Memorial StadiumFrank Erwin CenterH-E-B at Cedar ParkParamount ...

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Meet our Model: Clear Backpack

At Margo Paige, we are all about being hands free and enjoying life. Life is better when you can move around and have a durable purse to protect your belongings. Which is why we want to introduce our first clear handbag we created-our clear backpack! Our clear backpack is our first design. We went through 4 iterations to get to the final product (insert a lesson in patience). The clear backpack is constructed of recycled PVC, YES friends, RECYCLED PVC. It’s so durable it stands on it’s own and won’t lose shape with wear. Some may think it’s a little too durable at first, but we promise with wear it will loosen up to be one of your favorite bags....

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Bag Regulations at Food Festivals

Did some festival? Oh yeah, we are big time foodies over here at MP.  We believe food is the fuel that gets the creative juices flowing and maybe a few glasses of wine. In all seriousness, food festivals are great for everyone. It’s a way to see new trends, ways to pair, family friendly, and you’ll be able to see some of the most renowned chefs in the world. (Hello, Giada! (as italians, we gotta give some love)). In the last few years, food photos have been a star on social media and as millennials start to take on healthier habits than previous generations, it makes attendance at food festivals on the rise. With growth, there is always thought...

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