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Be Bold with Your Look in 2021 with Our Modern and Stylish Clear Handbags

A new year and a fresh start — step out in 2021 with a bold, stylish look. Our unique clear handbags offer an insight into your personality and the creative designs will make your friends transform their green envy into clear desire. From a casual vibe to an evening out or for everyday use, we have a clear handbag to suit every need. For convenient, hands-free use, our clear fanny pack sits perfectly around your waist and is so comfortable you’ll soon forget it is there. Made from recycled PVC, it’s accented with faux leather. The stylish chain belt adds a touch of sophistication to pep up your outfit no matter where you’re headed. It’s the perfect size for your...

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Fanny Packs in Stadiums

Unsure of what clear bag to wear to the next game? Or wondering if you’re allowed to rock a clear fanny pack? We’ve got you covered with good news and to clear up any confusion on fanny packs in stadiums. Fanny packs are allowed in long as they are clear. Let’s review the clear bag policy as a refresher for late 2020 and into 2021.  Around 2013, clear bag policies started popping up at football games. Women specifically were up in arms with the policy noting privacy concerns and an unstylish look. While we might have agreed with the sentiment when these policies started rolling out, it’s safe to say that in 2020, clear bag policies are here to...

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The Bag Ladies: Fanny Pack

They’re back! Emily & Alyssa, two of MP’s closest friends who review each bag and share where they would wear. All with a good sense of humor. The Fanny Pack Our first collection, The Weekender, is a clear win when it comes to the staples for weekend wear especially if you’re in the market for a clear bag for women. We love our transparent fanny pack for: concerts, music festivals, football, baseball, hockey, basketball, and whatever else the weekend might bring.  Let’s start with a Friday night. The concert is booked, finally, getting to see Vampire Weekend for the 5th time. Almost all venues today have a bag policy in place, if they don’t, we promise they soon will. We...

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