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Be Bold with Your Look in 2021 with Our Modern and Stylish Clear Handbags

A new year and a fresh start — step out in 2021 with a bold, stylish look. Our unique clear handbags offer an insight into your personality and the creative designs will make your friends transform their green envy into clear desire. From a casual vibe to an evening out or for everyday use, we have a clear handbag to suit every need. For convenient, hands-free use, our clear fanny pack sits perfectly around your waist and is so comfortable you’ll soon forget it is there. Made from recycled PVC, it’s accented with faux leather. The stylish chain belt adds a touch of sophistication to pep up your outfit no matter where you’re headed. It’s the perfect size for your...

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The Bag Ladies: Clear Crossbody

Need the inside scoop on our crossbody, wristlet or utility pouch? Emily & Alyssa, two of MP’s closest friends, hilariously review each bag with details, where to wear and much more. Fringe Crossbody One of MP’s personal favorites, our fringe crossbody. We carry two versions: the two-sided and three-sided fringe. Both clear purses can be worn as a crossbody or convert into a clutch. We love the transparent crossbody for: daily wear, football games, concerts, festivals & date night.  During the week, this clear crossbody is great for the minimalist. Someone who doesn’t carry much aside from a phone, lip gloss, keys, basic cards (ID + CC) and maybe a small snack if you forget breakfast. We designed this crossbody...

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How to Style the Clear Fringe Crossbody

ATCD shows three fits that can be worn with our clear fringe crossbody. We've got all the style tricks covered below. Outfit 1:Basic white t-shirts and denim will be a staple look in every closet. This look is crisp, clean and an easy option to be dressed up or down. Need a change? Switch out for a white button top or silk. Pair with jeans or denim shorts for a shake up in the look. Adding the clear crossbody will make the vibe edgier and allowing your clear purse to pop off of a casual fit. Outfit 2:Mixing eras is a specific vibe and done right, it will be a look. In this video, ATCD pairs with a 70's button up...

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